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Part 4: Finishing up the GasComp with AirMan. Insert fart joke here

OK OK, I think we were in the middle of something important here.

Right. Lan just failed saving Yai using his insane fan skills, so gee, hopefully there's something in the gas-powered water heater that we can fix, because Yai's our best friend. And because real-world problems always have a net-related solution.

Hey now, what's this?

That's right. Moving all that gas in the real world affected the cyber world. Because you see-

Actually upon reflection, no, I am not OK with that. If anybody can provide a rational reasonably Capcom explanation then I am all ears.

Moving right along! Maybe I am in fact confusing correlation with causation, because this guy right here looks like he could have made the gas blow away! Thanks, guy!

Oh. He looks as confused as we are. And possibly... kind of evil?

But we can't judge just by looks, even if he does look suspiciously like a robot master. We don't really have any proof that-

If you say so.

We're really not very far away, anyway. Just need to turn this cyberknob and ride the gas clouds across the gap...

Pick up a PowerUp...

Turn another cyberknob...

And go back to ride the new gas to the strangely air-themed navi. Easy!

Ho-ho... That...I can't do! Ho-ho...

Gasp! It's that really suspicious man from earlier! Who could have suspected such a thing?!

: Forget companies! There's a higher purpose!

: You got a grudge against Yai!

: No way! Any rich girl would have done. Then I tell the parents, "Fork over some cash or... your kid gets gassed!" I can get an easy 200 mil!

: What kind of monster are you!?

He's... he's amazingly competent! Wow, whoever he's with, they're a realy step up from W-W-W. So far, anyway.

Eh, I dunno Lan, your comeback lacks finesse.

Oh no wait, that's code for 'boss battle start', isn't it?

Yes it is.

So! AirMan! He is a good first boss, very easy, even with really bad chips.

He has three attacks that are exceptionally easy to dodge, and I only managed to screencap two of them. This one is three whirlwinds moving at different speeds, easy, just dodge up or down.

This one is two whirlwinds with a different art asset that blink in and out just to make them hard to screencap. One moves down a row, the other down a column, and as long as you don't back directly into them they're easy to dodge.

He also has an attack where he shoots down the row you're standing on. It's quicker than his other attacks, so don't be in the front row and you're fine.

Really, his 300HP will be gone before you know it.

And he explodes into a shower of money when he dies.

Boss fight videos!

Yeah yeah, words are cheap and mostly boring, so after a few days I did manage to get a boss fight video. Good thing YouTube has its own editor, because boy howdy does my computer crash like mad trying anything of that sort.

So uh, the music may be kind of ... amazing. At least once Youtube's done processing. Until then it's soundless uncut AirMan for all.

If you want to see how a non-pro manages: MissEchelon's AirMan attempt!
Or if you want to see somebody good at the game: Epee Em flattens AirMan

And here's BlitzBlast on hard mode:

BlitzBlast posted:

AirMan.EXE on Hard Mode

(I almost got a S Rank (no damage, sub 30 second battle), but I made one rather obvious mistake.)

AirMan is kind of a pain to S Rank on Hard. See, the only high damage chips you can get at this point are all close range, so you need to hope that AirMan decides to stay in the front. Thankfully, AirMan has a really slow movement speed, so Swords can easily hit. Punches, on the other hand...

FUN FACT: Air Shooter (the triple tornado attack) can not cross holes, so you can actually use your Panel Outs. Note that this applies to the battlechip as well.

Aw yeah. Even when I do not do nice work, Lan's always there to pretend like I did.

Yeah yeah, us meddling kids and our navi, too.

Oh right! I was kind of caught up in all the AirMan-beating, we should probably get back to saving Yai!

Problem solved.

Hey everybody look at this picture and ignore the sudden jarring scene change!

Shit yes, we saved Yai! We're heroes now. I mean still. We did save countless people in MMBN1, but let's just forget about that.

That's right, Yai. And then who should come in and save you but-

Because we're BFFs, and that's what BFFs do.

oh whoops

I can't remember, the scene changed too fast!


Oh yeah, that sounds plausible.

Aw, that's right Dex, you helped. Hey, if Mayl did too, that means we all helped save Yai! Teamwork! Yay! I guess being zLicensed makes us totally pro.


ha ha ha ha i think i've got to go now

Thank you, scene change!

Ah, so AirMan's operator is Arashi. Goes with the theme, I guess. Capcom already taught me that Arashi is wind-related. (thanks onimusha!)

: I made a mistake. But I'll get it next time!

: You don't seem to understand...the harshness of Gospel!

: C'mon, don't be so over-dramatic.

Netmafia! Oh no! That's way more terrifying than The World Three. I think we just hit the big leagues!

Arashi! You can't say that about the family! They'll send your boys after you, you'll be swimming with the fishes!

Or that. I guess. Geez.

Arashi, so hardcore. Even in the face of death, he does not have a fuck to give.

So uh... Gospel, huh? Seems like I should start taking them seriously.

wait shit

pokémon reference #4