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Mega Man Battle Network 2

by MissEchelon

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Original Thread: My name is not Epee Em, so Let's play Mega Man Battle Network 2!



Hello guys and gals! My name is not Epee Em, so Let's play Mega Man Battle Network 2!

So then! History? Which is kind of recent now but will eventually not be, Epee Em played through all of the Mega Man Battle Networks, doing an amazing job, unfortunately his original image hosts were not so amazing, so MMBNs 2 & 3 were lost in a puff of server smoke. After spending so long putting together the original updates, Epee Em quite reasonably decided he didn't want to spend any more time redoing 'em. So he threw up his hands and welcomed anybody else to do it. And I foolishly decided to be that anybody else.

Anyway. For those of you just joining us, Mega Man Battle Network = Mega Man card battle RPG for the GBA. Actually, it is a series that is (with one shining exception, thanks MMBN4) a million times more fun than that sounds. As far as Mega Man games go though, it's... very un-Mega Man like. And fairly un-card-battle-RPG like, in that it actually rewards skill and has action in the random battles.

However, the RPG stories tend to be about as retarded as you get without extra chromosomes. You shall see...

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Doctor MissEchelon's virus roundup Professor BlitzBlast's chip information station Extras



Coco Bear posted:

Fighting netcrime by moonlight,
Going camping by daylight,
Never running from a real fight,
He is the one named Mega Man!

~MMBN LP (and floating-head-avatar) BUDDIES~ by Epee Em, master of MSPaint
also shamelessly stolen from BlitzBlast's MMBN4 thread

Corrupt Tylde posted:

Lan gonna be rakin' in dem hos now.

Epee Em posted:

G-G-G-G-GOSPEL! Order today and you can grow your very own servers! Just crank up your computer, start fusing BugFrags, and before you know it, you'll have your very own Gospel Server farm!

Only 3 easy payments of $19.99. NetVisa, Netopian Express and CyberCard accepted. The manufacturers of Grow-A-Gospel cannot be held responsible for radiation sickness, porcine metamorphosis, sterility, or the sudden development of superpowers.

Random other thread art:

Rock-Paper-Scissors, as requested by Jaltos

Jaltos also won the 'guess my first style change' thing, and requested a thing to do with style changes. So, here's the style I wanted to get.

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