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Part 50: Gospel wins the Lifetime Achievement Award for "Stupidest Thing Ever"

If the LP curse has no more surprises for me, that's what we'll be doing!

don't ask me how my week went. But boy oh boy things seem to be getting worse the closer I get to the end of this

Holy moly, I still love the design of these dungeons. It just screams "final area". Maybe I have a weakness for red, black, and spikes.

Oh wait hang on, I think we just wandered into a cutscene-

Whoa! This is really the best! All our friends come to wish us well - I'm not sure I recognise the guy on the far-left though, have we even seen him before? I certainly don't remember ever getting a navi chip of him, so whatever.

Roll is so happy to see us she can't even talk! Though, uh... we're jacked in to a local machine here, so how did these guys even get in here unless their operators are like, right next to Lan.

Whoaaa that does not seem- wait, GutsMan would probably do that, right?

"There is no one in this room but me and Glowyhair McMissingMouth"

: I stole these piny Navis from some kids that broke in...

Weird that those kids never mentioned that to us, huh? I guess they had more important things on their minds.

Like Dex's probable severe radiation poisoning.

...Pretty sure GutsMan is already customised for that.

And he is terrible at it. And he's the strongest of those three. So uh, how horrifying.

Seriously. This is quite possibly the dumbest thing I say, surrounded by 50k times normal radiation in an invisible anti-rad suit with a man with glowing hair and a dress and also the radiation is making servers grow out of the ground and also the top half of the building is in the internet world

He means he won't, because he really could do it.

Lan is super serious about friendship

Oh noooooo

Gospel guy has no friends? At all?

That is the saddest thing

Oh yeah also I guess Roll is attacking us

thank you, blink animation, you've been wonderful

oh noooo

: I didn't need to use the SuperNavi on you after all!

wait what


whoa whoa whoa

wait just a second

did you see that

Roll can straight-up FLY over bits of the net? Firstly, that's awesome. Secondly-

update 41 posted:

dangit, Mayl.

By "they" you mean... the one other guy who is in here, who is right in front of us?

"You did come to help me, right??"

Yes please focus on that, right now, as we stand in front of the leader of the NetMafia in this extremely, extremely radioactive area.

wait for it-

How did Lan not notice that until now? ...Well, uh, acute radiation sickness can cause neurological symptoms such as a decreased lack of consciousness.

Either that or it could just be Lan being his regular dumb self with his regular complete lack of awareness of what's going on around him.

Also, every time somebody asks what Lan's doing while Mega's stuffing around online, an angel gets it's wings.

Dangit, Gospel guy, stop giving me new "dumbest thing ever"s, I can't take so many in such rapid succession

And nothing of value was lost


Uhhh yeah but since you made it clear that's not the real ProtoMan.EXE we could just like, delete him.

It's not like ProtoMan is egregiously hard to defeat.

Just what is your plan here, Gospel guy? What are you, like 12?

Aw no, Mega still has sparkles all through his hair. That shit never comes out!

oh nooooo

C'mon now, this is just silly.

...the what now?

...I gueeeessss that was all the other Gospel operatives that may exist off-screen that Chaud took care of for us?

It's either that or he's playing along to pretend he did something and wasn't sitting at home playing videogames until right this moment.

Holy moley, this guy is the greatest villain ever


It's the final showdown! The leader of the net mafia versus 5 11-year olds! actually Yai is like 9 or 10, whatever

You know the drill! Shake your monitor, it's an earthquake or something!!

Look at that sprite! Gospel guy you are just getting better and better! I hope there isn't like one extremely retarded revelation later on that actually turns you into the dumbest character ever, because you're the greatest

: ...fusion is complete!! All that's left is to press this button and the SuperNavi will activate!! It's name... Bass!!!!

Well now well now well now! Things just got interesting!

Is it something nice?? Will I like it??

is it a delicious fish?? it's MegaMan with a GameShark? OH DEAR.

"Except for the guy who made it, possibly"

: I'm now able to breed unlimited numbers of them!

...Is that really how NetNavis work? Learn something new everyday, huh?

: the military might and money will be mine! I will be kind of the world! Then my Bass Project will have succeeded!

You know usually when a broody guy is talking about his "Bass Project" it's about the band he's trying to get started in his parent's garage.


it was either that or

oops now I guess it's both!

Not by those NullandVoids, not by trekking through the UnderNet a gazillion times, and not by this!


oh christ how much more cutscene is there?? (it's a lot)


This "final area" is a straight shoot to the boss.

Still looks cool, OK?

And just a reminder, yeah like Capcom was kind enough to make extremely clear last time, there's no saving in this area. So you've got to do it all in one go!

Thank goodness you can press "start" to skip cutscenes

That navi looks so much cooler than MegaMan. I wonder if Gospel dude will do a tradesies.

ok maybe not he's not that much cooler

we just need to get Mega a cape...

Step 1. Kill Mega
Step 2. World Domination

A brilliant plan worthy of the minds of Gospel's greatest.

ok I'll admit it, I freakin' love that line

Oh no, this is going to be a really hard-


Oh dear, your SuperNavi appears to be quite terrible.

How embarrassing for you.

Here's the video

And Blitzy with the Hard Mode lowdown:

BlitzBlast posted:

The funny thing is that Megaman has already battled Bass in BN1 and BN1.5 (or whatever number Network Tranmission is).

Also Bass on Hard Mode.

Bass is a total joke, plain and simple. All of his attacks are heavily telegraphed and easy to dodge, he loves to stand still like a moron, and he actually has less HP than some of the bosses you've faced up to this point. He has a charged shot that is kind of a pain to dodge, but he'll never get the chance to use it because you just need to interrupt him to stop it. Honestly, he's just a Mettaur with a ton of HP.

Fun Fact: There is no fun fact for this guy, because I'm saving up all the fun for the next boss.

You may note that I am using a different folder than usual. A really bad folder, with blasters and swords. Pretty much your quintessential "I don't know what is happening in this game" folder that a younger player might theoretically be using at this point in the game ok younger me used a much worse folder than that. And Bass still goes down like whoah.

Now, remember that you can't save here. I'll go on and say from this fight on you can't access the menu at all.

I would not recommend using a folder like this at this point, for reasons which may or may not become obvious next update.

hey wait what happened to the glowing dude that was my new favourite character? He turned into a crankypants kid??

And... is it just me or does that kid look familiar somehow? Aw gee, that's going to bug me 'til I figure it out

to your what

Lan has zero idea of what is going on. But that's like normal.

Naw kid, it's OK, he's not making fun of you, Lan's just... kind of like that.

Uh oh, animated sprite actions are never good news in villains.

Seriously, have we met this kid before??

Oh wait, new question. Why did you have the servers running at less than 100% before now? Power-saving reasons? Seems like not a very Gospel thing to do.

I think Yai and this kid are fighting for "most angry-looking mugshot"

yai is winning



Seriously do you have some sort of vendetta against personal safety??

...wait a tic

now i know who this kid is

oh geez, he really doesn't care if we all die. He is an even bigger dummy than Lan. He is the idiot from which all Gospel idiots derive their idiot plans.

"Seriously this kid is bugfuck nuts"

does Chaud even have a suit on?

: And I'm not leaving without you! I'm fighting, too!

: No! It's too dangerous!!

: That's exactly why I can't leave you behind!

: Mayl, Lan's right. We have to trust him on this one!

: Trust...Lan...

: I'll be fine! I'll catch up with you guys, I promise!

would now be a bad time to mention that y'all already got Dex radiation poisoned and probably should've been headed to the hospital a while ago

seriously what have you guys even been up to

oh well I guess there's more important things to worry about right now, like GOSPEL GUY

Because I know exactly who this clown is.

Let's all go back, back... back to update #36, which was probably about a million updates ago...

You all remember that update, I know you do! It was the update. The highlight of the thread- the highlight of the game- the highlight of the series. The airplane whiskey rap battle!

You remember, the airplane that that one Gospel operative highjacked to crash while he was riding it.

for fuck's sake