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Part 10: CAMPING YAAAAAAY. Fighting QuickMan.

Yaay, we're finally in the campsite! and my computer's finally up and running, thanks lp curse!

Right away, the camp leader takes control.

Such refined tastes.

Oh. My mistake for not seeing where that was going.

Yeah that's a problem. Delicious grilled veggies... But I'm guess Mayl telling us this is a strong hint that she wants us to do something about it. Which we will, because we're good friends!

Wait who's that just off the edge of the screen...?

At least you didn't have to fight a robot-bear.


Since we already fought Ribitta, she actually won't rematch us right now. Anyway, we've got more important things to do for BFFs.

This screen is much more fun than the last one. That is a very low bar though, it's still not really 'fun', unless you love fetch-quests, which I don't judge you for but maybe other people in the thread will.

First of all, Lan's hardcore

or.... nevermind

is it a god damn?

Anyway, like I was saying! You're stuck in this campground (well, you can go to the previous woody areas, but there's nothing important there for now) doing fetchquests for your friends for this part.

This is a considerable improvement from the last section, because this time you just talk to people to get what you need, instead of mashing 'A' all over the place.

Still not exactly the pinnacle of gaming though.

Oh that's right. One last friend, one more thing for Lan to sort out!

Or for Lan to get somebody else to sort out. Hey, it's only fair that Lan gets to ask for help on all this stuff when people are constantly asking him for help.

Don't worry, this old dude is like the king of woodchopping or something, he'll be fine.

Yeah, I'm sure this freshly-cut wood from the trees right next to the stream will be perfect for kindling and not at all damp.

Look, they're 11. They can start fires from practically anything.

To the untrained eye, things would look exactly the same as before Lan started helping.

So rude! I hope somebody calls him out for that.

With her eyes closed! Gaaaah I hope I stop being so unlucky with the timing on these soon, or I-

god damn

Wait here eating, I presume.

If you guessed that I draw crappy mspaint-style STUPENDOUS MASTERPIECES when I can't think of anything relevant to say YOU ARE CORRECT


Then suddenly everything went wrong, which was probably just as well because the game gets much more playable when bad things are happening.

In this case, the screen started shaking because EXPLOSIONS~

Curse Roll and her poor-coverage navi plan!

Oh God dammit!

tee hee hee

That actually is not OK


That's our camp leader! Always keeping his head in crazy situations!


Lan's the most experienced at doing stupid things/saving people, so even though this is not a plan put forth and approved by the CAMP LEADER it is a pretty good one!

Ideally, you guys would be relocating to safety while Lan rescues Chaud. Just putting that out there.

seriously, no idea

I guess we'd better... check out the dam. Or something.

Thanks, random guy from earlier! Probably you should relocate to safety too, wouldn't wanna get in the way of any floods.

Seriously that would be bad! But it's good to know we've got a little longer to save Chaud and optionally figure out what the hell is going on.

No really, that hadn't occurred to me.

Holy shit this guy is psychic like Lan's mum.


What am I saying just look at his portrait, I'm sure he's a swell guy.

Chaud alert.

Now this guy's face looks suspicious though.

Lan might make a fine shonen protagonist, but holy hell I would not read a series called 'Lan Hikari: Boy Detective'

Then again... no, no that just would not work.

Anyway! Now that we're stuck, helpfully Chaud calls. Because he's a cool guy, he's got Lan's number.

Lan's so mad he forgot to punctuate properly.

Chaud is pretty cool, actually.

Whoops nevermind, he lost all those cool points right there. C'mon, "Nite"? Are you serious Pshh.

Nobody point out that "...many victims ...Be warned!" doesn't seem like the sort of thing that would extrapolate to "We will blow up Okuden Dam"

Because Chaud actually would work out as the protagonist in a Boy Detective series.

It would be terrible though, because I don't think that's a genre that in any way leads itself to not being terrible.

Oh boy, Chaud's about to spill our next gameplay objective! Lay it on us, Chaud!

More search the campgrounds for objects to progress!

It's OK, we prepared for this. WE. ARE. READY!

Real-world problems -> cyber solutions. ALWAYS.

OK, so Chaud will stay and disarm the bombs, Lan will disarm the detonators, and as long as they don't both completely screw up it's all going to be taken care of!

The fact that Chaud already forgot who's doing what doesn't exactly fill me with confidence, though.


You might look at this and go 'oh sweet, the detonators actually appear on the map, this will at least be simpler than paper+stick+lighter'

That would be nice, huh?

But I digress! Here's our 'dungeon' for this area! It' actually split into the various detonators, but they're all the same theme, just getting harder each time. Or uh, longer, at least.

As if that wasn't bad enough, Chaud also remembered what we were meant to be doing and sent an email that I can best summarise as:

Mr Progs are freakin adorable man.

I can only assume this was meant to be a hint for the dungeon, but I have no idea what he's saying. So I'll just go with what feels right; brute force!

Essentially, each detonator has paths laid out in a grid and sometimes the path explodes so you pick another. Keep doing that.

Throw in some unintimidating viruses, maybe some-


Mr Progs are awesome

And the obvious goal of the area that Chaud in no way had to tell us about! We made it, yaaay! This first one was actually really short, but they get kind of somewhat long later.

But it's fine, I think these dungeons are pretty fun. Even if you screw up, the paths are short so it doesn't take too long, and they're not long enough to get dull.

If every piece of media ever taught me anything, something is ALWAYS behind the waterfall.

This detonator went by quick, I only took three screenshots.

Another new virus (and terrible chip selection, wow it will be nice to eventually overhaul my library)

And another one down! So, two left!

I can't remember where the next detonator is, but thanks for your concern!

This guy seems pretty cool, I hope he doesn't die when I screw up.

Arrrgh I'd totally forgotten about this one. So, this part isn't too bad except actually yes only that one first detonator is obvious which kind of throws you off! Oh MMBN2, you're so tricksy.

I would screencap the dungeons for you, but it's... a grid. Sometimes explosions. Not the height of entertainment to look at, even if it's fun to play.

I hope Chaud's taken care of all the bombs because I am all tired out searching for detonators.


It's a good thing Chaud: Boy Detective is on the case, because after disarming those three detonators... yeah... um... OK Lan probably wouldn't have figured that out himself, that's true.

Well, that would explain why we've only found three, despite my terrible.. I mean terribly wonderful attempts at searching.

But, hmm...

Who have we seen that fits that sort of profile? Loves chaos, is kind of suspiciously excited about explosions...

Wait, I know!


no wait that's stupid, we already beat her navi.

It was the other unique mugshot!!

I'm reasonably halfway sure this time!

C'mon, this is the only lead we have!

Of course there's only one right answer, otherwise you just have to talk to him again until you manage to proceed.

Like the dungeons for this part of the game, the key to my success is brute-forcing everything.

The name that strikes terror into the hearts of children.

Not to mention the whole... uh, "blowing up the dam" thing.

Oh geez this better not be going where I think it's going

Curse you, MMBN-series environmentalists and your thoroughly moronic ways of pushing your agenda with explosions and death!

Dayyy-um! Lan is exceptionally hardcore as soon as he hits the outdoors! Fight a robot bear, catch a fish with your bare hands, and now he's fighting for everybody's futures!

I can dig that.

And the final dungeon is more of the same detonator dungeon.

So... with all this bomb- and explosion- and fire-related things, I wonder who Dave's navi is that he certainly didn't tell me explicitly the name of earlier but I cut it out for surprise-related reasons?

There's a bunch of original Mega Man robot masters that have that same theme to choose from, so who wants to tak a guess?

I hope you guessed 'QuickMan', because duh, obviously.

I don't care how many of those bloody lasers I have to dodge!

Because you wouldn't want to run away and ensure your stupid environmentally sound plan comes to fruition


So then, QuickMan.

He's rrl qik.

Boss fight videos!

QuickMan isn't too bad if you're prepared. WHICH MAY BE A PROBLEM LATER but for now, it's just a matter of paying attention and not wasting all your chips. QuickMan is SPEEDY LIKE A DRAGONBALL Z CHARACTER, which is to say he'll spend most of the fight standing right there. But as long as he's standing still he'll block your attacks. Afer a while, he'll teleport around quickly then stop on your row and shoot his Quick Boomerang. At lower health, he'll fire two boomerangs per turn of this. So... hit him while he's moving or while he's throwing his boomerang - but keeping in mind the boomerang will block attacks too.

Hope you like dodging!

QuickMan is a butt
Epee Em's video that includes the post-battle banter sooooo FAIRLY WARNED BE YE

Here's BlitzBlast with hard mode!

BlitzBlast posted:

The whole eco-terrorism thing in BN has never made any sense whatsoever. Damn near everywhere you go there's a shit ton of green, even in super urban areas. And when you compare things to the state of the Classic universe...

Anyways, QuickMan.EXE on Hard! He is as boring as hell. But you know what's even more boring? Having to rely on Guts Shoot for a quick win.

Fun Fact: QuickMan.EXE's guard even blocks time freezing chips. Even the ProtoMan series. Remember that.

Wasn't that fun? Yaaay.

For you, maybe! OH BURN.

How is this a problem? I may be bad at paying attention and remembering things, but I'm reasonably certain our goal was to get rid of all the detonation programs.

Oh. Shit.


Did you SEE that ProtoMan just cut that guy in half!

I mean...

I could've done that. If I pulled a Sword chip...

Well, whatever! The bombs are taken care of somehow!

Dave's (IQ 170!) is still not enough for proper punctuation. So I'm guessing he got that number from either his arse or an online test, both of which are definitely legit.

hahaha holy hell do people actually call him that? He would make a terrible netmafia leader

Not that I'm entirely sure what an environmentalist wants to do with being a mafia boss.

Dave, you're OK with me.

Best. Camp. Ever.

Lan that does not exactly sound sincere when you say it with that face

Not that Ribitta cares, she is in full ominous mode.

All signs point to "Lan has to save the day again"