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Part 11: Slow project preparation. Fighting GateMan.

Always an exciting way to start an update!


I hope I wasn't the only one to suffer through that cartoon

Knowing Lan, the answer will probably be 'whatever takes the least effort'.

Metal Gear?!

Luckily, Lan was just now spared from having to make a decision by being distracted by a balloon.

He's darn excited about that balloon

I kind of assume at this point he just shoved the whole balloon somehow into Mega's PET.

Well you know, whatever works.

Wow! Data from another country?! And... this whole game is... data from another country translated into data from another country.... and I'm posting this from another country*, and OHHH WHOAAAA

*offer not valid in all countries

I'm pretty sure we can chalk this one down to another thing we can thank Yuichiro for.

Eeeee it's like a low-tech e-mail! Or alternately, a high-tech regular mail.

No question mark? Maybe he translated it wrong.

Maybe it's meant to say 'YOU WILL BE MY PENPAL!'

Whatever it was meant to say, it clearly worked.

That sounds... fictional

Then again, this is a work of fiction, so why not. It's at least no stupider than ACDCTown.

Seriously, the characterisation at some points in this game is freakin adorable.

Wait since when? Oh! I know! Writing to a penpal could probably count as a summer project, barely.

Oh. Or uh, that works too. And hey, that is one of the few things Shonen McAnime Lan Hikari is interested in.

Mixed messages, and just after I praise some characterisation. Thanks, blink animation!

And get cyber-food! No wait navis can't drink coffee and presumably eat yet.

Ah, Lan! You devious so-and-so! Get somebody else to do your project for you! Having a penpal is sounding better and better.

Suddenly excited about doing schoolwork over the holidays!

Sorry Mega, it's not something you'll ever understand. Unless they invent food for navis that would be OK.

Haha, see you say that, but then there's always time for stuffing around first. Especially since I just got a certain email...

Huh? Huh? I wonder who this is from, huh?

No I don't wonder, I'm too excited. Chip traders yaaay! We're going straight to SciLab to use abuse that!

So then! Chip traders! This one's just a basic one. Chuck three random chips in, get one random chip out. Also, savestate abuse. Actually, being so early in the game, this one doesn't give out all the most fantastic chips, but then considering the shitty state of my folder, anything's good!


I actually have very little patience for savescumming pretty much anything at all, so in the end I didn't get anything good out of this trader, except for a Dash G which I was too lazy to grind out of viruses. OH WELL it's still pretty neat I guess.

I do want some better chips for my folder though, so I guess I'd better poke around and see what I can find.

Ribitta won't rematch us yet, but basking in praise is always worthwhile.

No wonder Dex and Lan are such good friends, that is exactly what Lan was like at the start of this update.

...ohohoho! A GutsMan rematch this early!

OK so I also got TreeBom1 out of the chip trader. But then my recording failed so I had to replay this area and I don't have that anymore. ANYWAY.

I didn't record me fighting GutsMan v2 so hey here's some concept art to distract you!

He's a bit faster than GutsMan v1, does a bit more damage, and has one new move that can actually hit past broken panels! But he's still GutsMan, so

Awwww yes! Just like the v1 navichip, he hits all panels ahead (except ones blocked by broken panels), but now he does 70 damage instead of 50. This is an acceptable folder upgrade!

And now that my folder is ever-so-slightly less terrible, there's something important for me to do.

Only one thing you need to know about this guy.

He's rad as hell.

and by a weird coincidence this is the 69th screenshot of this batch

We're ready for this!

So ready that I'm much more confident after hearing that!

Mr Famous's navi is GateMan! He's obviously not from a previous MegaMan game, he's got a neat new design. Actually, he was based on a fan design submitted as part of a create-a-navi contest. It is only fair that such a cool guy as Mr Famous gets a cool navi like GateMan.

So cool.

But before I show a fight video, I just gotta show his original design, I love the create-a-navi entries, they're really neat.

Boss fight videos!

GateMan is actually pretty easy, though it helps if Mega's attack power is buffed. He's got two main attacks, and a third little quirk. First up, he'll usually attack by dropping three of little dudes with lances out of the gate on his chest. They'll walk across the field fairly slowly, tracking Mega, and you just need to do enough damage to them to knock them out. They're a pain to dodge because they track so well, so your best bet is to kill them. He has another attack where he opens his chest and shoots a fairly slow-moving shot out across one row, so you need to keep an eye on him so you know what he's doing. And when he's lower on health, he'll summon a gate that'll appear in the column that starts as the first enemy field (I'm saying it like that because it's not affected by whether or not you use an AreaGrab). This gate will slowly follow you up and down, blocking your attacks and rarely a hand comes out to attack you.

So, nothing that's a major pain, just keep on top of things.

After losing five recordings I'm getting good at dodging
Hey so just ignore that text box at the start of Epee Em's video I'm sure I have no idea what that's about

Here's BlitzBlast as always with hard mode:

BlitzBlast posted:

Whoops, late.

GutsManV2 on Hard Mode is even more boring than V1 because now you have Guts Shoot.

GateMan.EXE, on the other hand... I know I said I was going to aim for 9 to S ranks, but you know what? GateMan.EXE is such an annoying asshole to S rank I'm not going to bother. Not only does he have too much HP, his Remote Gate will shield him from basically all of the attacks you have at this point (except throwing attacks but good luck actually hitting him). Add in the fact that for some god forsaken reason you can't destroy the Remote Gate This is not a very fun battle, once again solely because of the boss' gimmick. BN2!

Fun Fact: It turns out that you can't interrupt the Gate Cannon.

Well that was fun. I think that about wraps things up. I kind of get the feeling there was something I forgot to do, though.

whooooops hopefully I'll be less crazy busy this week and I'll get another update done tomorrow or the day after...