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Part 14: YumLand is not delicious

Now that we've got a license, we can move onto more important things!

And the food!

It's about the food!!

Oh yeah, that'll work.

Pictured: the fact of an honest kid


Hey! YumLand! If you'll recall, it's right up the end of the bottom path of Den Area 3.

Easy to get to, it's just up the road from the Square and Dex's PC.

so excited about their lock-opening skills

Yumland!! As with Koto, it has a hugely different look about it to Den Area. It's all green, trees and leaves. And rocks I guess, psh. It's obviously much nicer than Koto though.

Maybe it's the timezone difference.

Hey, us too!

Seriously man, timezones.

So, there are some harder viruses in this area, as you'd expect. We saw this guy in the ALicense exam.

Here, you can get rocks on the field which shows off Sparky's interesting gimmick where he orbits around rocks he runs into. Much easier for dodging!

There's also a lot of purple mystery data around here...

But for a change I could afford unlockers!

On the plus side, I got one of these.

And MMBN2 is still really unsubtle about its mystery data placement!


Oh yeah, the green guy in that shot is a chip merchant, he had nothin of interest.

And they're all asleep right now. What time is it in YumLand? Like 3am?

Dude it's probably past your bedtime. Man, what is the deal with these navis?

This picture pretty much sums up YumLand area 2. Yayy....

yayyy..... Notice that the timebomb is helpfully placed such that I cannot hit it

Ohhh about time! Well... at least this time we didn't run into anything as bad as say, QuickMan v2. So, it's OK. YumLand area isn't actually too bad. So let's check out that square! ALSO FOOD! YAAY!

Hello what's this

Wow, that shadowy ninja figure destroyed the tenson as easily as he destroyed all those YumLand navis (too soon?).

You know, I'm getting the feeling this guy is kind of a dick!

Oh no, never mind, he seems OK, he did apologi-


You dick!!

Ohhhh my gosh and his operator dresses kind of like him

...I think I missed that. Unless he's after "...Man.EXE"

Also, the King of YumLand's navi is just flashing while all this is going on, so that's what the deal is with the screenshots.

He might look OK, but really he's still flashing and all that.

Only because that other navi was so good at being a ninja

Well... we're now at the entrance to YumLand Square.

This looks like the place from the cutscene.

Maybe... maybe it's still just a timezone thing

Now, it's still a square so we don't have to worry about virus encounters in this area.

We do have to worry about it being insanely fucking depressing/creepy.

This part is particularly well-done though.

Screenshots can't really give it justice, this is the only part of the game with no music whatsoever.

Does an amazing job of making the area that much more oppressive.

Anyway, YumLand sqaure is just a big spiral from the entrance in the centre, and this is the far end.