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Part 41: The keyword is 'WWW'. Oops, spoiler.

WHO WANTS A GAJILLION SCREENSHOTS? It's me. I think we've only got ice, the final area, and post-game content to go, so maybe I can get through this in less than sixty updates if I try.

There is a lot of ice in this game.

So once again it's up to Lan and MegaMan to save the world. We do have Yuichiro as backup though, so I'm pretty confident in Team Hikari.


I will freely admit this gets me every time. I think you don't have to hit the switch in the other MMBN games.

Anyway, since we've got that whole "save the world quick" thing going on, I may as well not stuff around, and save the world instead!

...also with all this ice around the internet it's kind of hard to make my way around to all my usual timewasting spots.

Ice cleaning in DenArea! Yeah, this update is going to be mostly ice-cleaning. Actually I think the next few updates are going to be mostly ice-cleaning! What an exciting game.

Yikes. There really is a big variety of viruses kept in the ice. Now that we can break pink ice, we find that they do tend to have more difficult viruses than the white ice. These Magmackers are elec-type, so if you're on the ice, they'll do double damage. Plus, they have an attack that keeps you from moving...

Oh well. That could've gone better. Or worse. Yaaay.

Don't worry. There's only about a dozen in this update, not counting the ones we can't break yet.

Yeah. We're in this for the long haul. Thank god the imaginary MMBN future internet is nowhere near the size of our internet.

Now we've got the RedCure we can wander back and take care of a bit more ice on the way to Koto.

Easy peasy.

...OK, maybe a little tough. Rattys get faster the less health they have, and their attacks block shots. Little bastards.

Huh, not sure how I missed this little bit of ice.

Spikeys! Only a problem if you intend to get hit. But they're easy to dodge, even if they're a mite faster than their earlier incarnations.

This ice is pink, not red, and I refuse to listen to a word to the contrary.

Awww bunnies. Another virus you gotta watch for their electric attacks getting boosted by the ice. Another easy-to-dodge virus, too.

Good thing I'm drawing pictures for this LP, otherwise I'd have to think of a clever way to keep this interesting.

We're done with DenArea for now, so I guess... oh! We were going to save Roll, weren't we? She's in YumLand probably.

Just as well we were too distracted uh- couldn't be bothered to UH TOO BUSY DOING OTHER IMPORTANT THINGS earlier to try to find Roll. If we were here before now, we would've been totally blocked by this pink ice. But now, it's almost like I planned this!

Oh Handys. Never a problem, especially with WoodStyle.

Right, we got a code for this much earlier (the ONBACode), after being an idiot a hero in Netopia. I didn't get around to opening this until now, so yaay. Opening security cubes!

Now we've got easy access to the UnderNet from anywhere. Also I guess to Netopia, but meh. Let's go ahead and completely ignore that for now-

And start to clean out YumLand!

...And try to save Roll, mustn't forget about that.

Aaaand MegaMan Battle Network continues with its delightfully subtle hints.

Spookys, never a problem. If one cared enough, you could get an Invis3 here, which is a brilliant chip. But you know, effort.


Yeah, I still hate Fishy viruses. You can't block them with a ShieldStyle, and that fire attack is hell on the Wood.

You wait around for somebody else to break it for you. Such is the life of every person in MMBN, except for, I dunno, Lan and Chaud. And that's probably it.

Oh good. Roll seems normal. Now I just need to figure out which friggin conveyor belt to take.

Pink navi behind the pink ice. That makes sense. Let's just go and-

Find a cool dude to talk to! I know a lot of things, mister.

Lan knows this because his dad told him

I'm suuuuure there's no reason this fella's telling us that there's info. INFO ON THE BOARDS. If you need info, go to the boards. I'm sure it's just flavour. After all, MMBN games are never extremely obvious.

Ah, fine. I'll go around and-

Right. There's also all the various navi ghosts still roaming around the net. JUST A REMINDER. I'M SURE THAT WON'T CAUSE ME ANY OTHER PROBLEMS THIS UPDATE.

Yeah yeah, more of these fellas.

Yeah OK.


...It's OK, translator. You tried.

Thanks, navi-who-has-been-stuck-in-this-small-space-for-the-last-2-and-a-half-updates. Thanks for telling us about the net we've been traipsing all around, we hadn't noticed.


I really like that these games tell you what you're meant to be doing when you press the shoulder button. It's a really good feature for games, then if you put it down for a while you can easily catch up on what you were doing.

I mean wait-


WHERE COULD I FIND THAT? Let me just ask this messageboard here. Hey guys??

Oh, A BOARD, of course! YumSquare is just up here, let's check- oh, I missed some ice, hold on.

Little baby Cloudys, really a very easy virus.

Mr Prog!!

He tells us he's a heating program who works with HEATDATA (I'm sure that won't come up again later).

Right, I guess I should get back to what I was doing! LET'S FIND A BOARD, I HEAR THEY'RE IN SQUARES.

And there's a YumSquare right-

Oh. Yeah. Everybody's dead.



Conveniently, there's a square right where we jacked in. I'm a genius.

Huh, pretty sure these "Doc" posts weren't here last time I was moaning about how much I hate these boards.

So let's check that Rumour one first!

It doesn't seem like the two are related, but...
there's a rumor that they are actually directly related.
But there's no way for us normal people to figure out how.

A friend told me about the Undernet. Do you know it?
Well, there's an UnderSquare where nasty types gather.
And- get this- they even have a Board Room there too.
a Navi called the Doc will appear in the UnderSquare.
He makes cures for any kind of virus.
There's a great informant in UnderSquare that they
say knows they keywoard, but...
Well, I'm sure no one is gonna check for themselves, so it
could be a lie, or some kind of urban legend.

and I'd still need to go to the Undernet...
Urban legends are fun 'cuz you can't verify them...

Cripes. I'm glad when people start talking about the Undernet in my thread they at least have the good manners to keep it interesting.

I hope it's presents. Always presents.


My women's intuition is telling me we're gonna get presents. No wait. That's just my hopefulness.

Oh boy, I was right! If I wasn't running GUTSGATER this would go straight in my folder. It's a really, really good chip. All Rolls are good chips, so it's about time we got V3!


But UnderSquare was going to be my next location, while we're looking for info on boards. All the info, all the boards.

This is not the UnderSquare. Now we've got Netopia open that's our way through! I guess we can clean up some ice while we're at it.

Frig, I hope that's not the only way into Netopia's main net. That would be problematic.

Ooh! Look like I didn't do a very thorough job cleaning out Net-Netopia. Purple Mystery Data, gonna be some sweet treasure! Just need to pull out an unlocker, and-


Gonna run out and see if I can find a subchip dealer. I know I saw one around the centre somewhere...

Ooh. What? There's a little girl behind here that pokes out occassionally so you can see her. Geddon3. Shit. Yes. This is an important part of another highly broken combo you can use. Not a Program Advance, but hoo boy, this thing goes well with another chip.


Here's the subchip dealer I was thinking of, he's just down from where I was jacked in.

....yyyyyeah. That'd be bloody right. Urgh.


heeyyyyy wait. There are dealers in the square, on the net, aren't there? How did I even forget that. Oh geez.

PROBLEM SOLVED. Now to trek all the way halfway through NetArea.

Also, just reminding y'all that I do still have Yai's fan. Hahaha.


This chip is niiice. I've always had trouble getting it to do what I want, but it can break things, oh yes.


There's no other way out of here but forward, huh? That could be a problem... The entire rest of this block?

BUTTS. No choice but to fight KnightMan V2!

The way I always do!

Too boring to record. I'll catch his V3 with something cool like Geddon3 later.

And it just occurred to me that I could have jacked out.

It entirely skipped my mind.


A whole lot of MegaMan Battle Network's plot just became a whole lot more believable.

Love these signposts. MMBN2's net is so easy to navigate, even with all the stupid conveyor belts.

And turns out that securitybox from earlier is just a shortcut. Wanna get that securitycode.

Looks like we'll be back here a bunch of times. Yaaay.

Shrimpys, neither interesting nor difficult. Possibly tasty when barbequed.

Yeah, I'll definitely be back later. To save everyone. Because who else would?

Swordys. Still hate 'em, but they're easy to take out quickly now, means they can't cause much trouble.

And here we are! The UnderNet! Still looks cool.

So cool.

Oh hey, thanks guy! I get confused around these conveyor belts, even though it's not too hard to find my way back and forth.


Remind me to not listen to shady navis in the UnderNet.

Doesn't matter! The square's right nearby anyway. Good ol' UnderSquare. Also looks cool, the looks really suit it.

Whoa, this is one easy guy to find.

I've heard it's a rumour, but you know, it's the internet.

Close enough



Well... at least this isn't MMBN4. In this game, it's not going to be too hard to get the money we need. In MMBN4, I give up every time they ask me for a few thou as a toll. I just can't...

A-anyway! Here's the easy fun time money making tip! You can even do this without savestates if you're so inclined. It will, naturally, take much longer to get a cooperative random number generator though.

savestate purposely left in, for added authenticity

This Green Mystery Data comes back every time you logon. It's really close to the square (it's right next to the entry to the path you take to Koto). And it can hold 2000 zenny.

That was remarkably non-painful. Now to zip back to the UnderNet!


Easy come, easy go.

Purple navi in NetSquare. Gotcha. I'll just check the UnderSquare boards while I'm here. I know I'll be posting on them soon, but they might have something slightly less moronic than the rest of the net.

This guy's still here, doing his thing. What a cool guy.

Ooh. Really? I think I need to look into this.

By look into this I mean... uh... say, I hear there's info to be found on boards!

Oh. I may have redacted some of this, because maybe I don't need to know this stuff right now. The power of the internet.

Not sure why I jacked out. I guess it's about the same distance from here.

I fuckin love Mr Progs. I will keep posting about how much I love them. Because c'mon. Mr Progs.

There's a purple navi, but he's not the one we're looking for.

Here's another purple navi that is not the one we're looking for.

Geez, I didn't get confused about area names again, did I?? Dangit, he should be here...

Even checked just outside. Oh MegaMan Battle Network 2, did you give me all those incredibly unsubtle hints earlier just to throw me off my game when you unexpectedly didn't do exactly what you said? You tease!

As always, the key to the game is "annoy everyone".

This navi might not be purple, but maybe he knows a purple navi.


There's a netdealer real close to the square. This guy. We already rustled him for a buttload of decent chips. And hey! Purple navi.

Oh. Is that all? Epee Em mentioned it in the thread earlier, one of the first smashed ice blocks contains some Bunnys that you can easily S-rank for a ZapRing2 B. Otherwise, apparently they're not too hard to pick up, because I got one from somewhere mysterious.



Huh. OK then.