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Part 40: Ice, ice, baby

I'm quoting this here for posterity and because I'm sad that I didn't come up with it myself

Blade_of_tyshalle posted:

If you want to crush those giant blue crystals, you need MethStyle. The way to get it is pretty convoluted; let me just say you need to develop terminal lung cancer...

It's emitting capcomesium waves, which can be irritating in large doses.

Yeah I'll agree to that, if only the ones that are blocking important areas.


Sometimes I think "Maybe I would get this LP done faster if I skipped all this inconsequental stuff". But then I think "Holy balls I love Mr Progs "

Anyway! Smashing ice to progress is the name of the game for the next probably long while.

Yeah yeah, smash ice, fight virus, you know the drill! What've we got this time?

Wow. The viruses in the ice can actually be pretty tough! And we're only up to the lowest ice... Of course, Shrimpys are always a pushover, but you can see the level of viruses here is much higher than the area we find the ice.

Shrimpys. Total pushovers. oh geez that was embarrassing i'm sure glad i didn't save that so nobody will see me- oh. Hi there.

Moving on! When Mr Prog said people are trapped in the ice, he actually meant trapped by the ice. Like this guy! Who... must be having a good time there, because otherwise he could jack out?

Oh right, the ice is transmitting capcomanium waves, one of their properties is mysteriously hand-waving plot-holes. Probably only Mega can jack-out near them. That makes sense, I'm sure.

Hmm. These viruses ain't too hard, but since their attack is Elec-element, you gotta watch the ice on the field. Getting hit with elec while on ice doubles its effectiveness.

Ok, we'll do that just for you, buddy! I promise, just for you. We definitely didn't have any plans to do that previously, no.

Do the waves from the ice also seem to have the power to
Badly-space and format text?

Oh wait, they're capcomerium waves, of course they do.

Yeah we'll get right on that. I also promise we won't get distracted.

OK, yeah, just start talking in the middle of a thought there, that's fine.

KotoSquare?! Oh no! Those guys are all so not-at-all suspiciously benevolent! I hope nothing happened to them.

I don't think I have any best friends in KotoSquare at the moment, but probably I should go check that out. Everybody there is so nice.

Just gotta hope no ice is blocking the way! This ice is blocking Dex's computer. If he wasn't such a good pal, I would find this hilarious. But hey, the square's just there, and it's not blocked off, so let's see if anybody in there has noticed!

Not really. OK then.

But here we are, on the Internet, trying to figure out what the heck. Let's check a messageboard, I hear they have things on them!

Gee, thanks. This board here is the "Street" board, which allegedly has up-to-date information on what's happening generally. Like all general forums, it is bullshit.

Dangit, Battle board, none of that is ice-related!

This is further down in the battle board. Now I'm remembering why I never check these things.

Long post short, this guy whines that he can only break the white ice and then big ol' viruses come out, and the stage is icy. Also this:

Thanks battle board, that was a lovely story.

Maybe we should check the virus board. And then possibly get back on-track.

Oh. Now this is interesting.

Right, Roll can wait until later - she's perfectly probably capable of taking care of herself she has a pretty strong chip, anyway, but those KotoSquare guys just stand around talking about peace all the time! We'd better rush over there and make sure they're OK!

Getting your news from a messageboard? What a wonderful imaginary future this is.

Just a quick check around before I get out to Koto-

...really? Even with all that's going on?

I guess a license exam is one less thing to distract me on the way to Koto!

Ice what are you even doing here? Not blocking any paths?

Clear all the way to KotoArea, how exciting.

I uh, might put on my Custom style for this area. Just in case...

Because I think there's something I forgot to do here...

Yeah... I took a video, but it's not quite worth the trouble to upload! I think those two images sum things up nicely.

How delightful! And with my custom style and current folder, it's not even slightly a worry that QuickMan V3 will now be stalking around this area. In fact, while I'm not distracted by anything else, I think I'll search for him!


God damn! Couldn't find the bastard. Possibly this is the game's way of saying "GET ON WITH IT!"

So let's get on with it!

Another navi stuck in ice! I'll save you, purpledude!

oh fuck


Nnnnot gonna lie. That was my second try at that battle... When you fight ice-viruses, the stage is all ice except for the first and last columns. And sliding on ice, trying to dodge dominerds while still attacking, also fielding a folder with no breaking chips... YEAH. No. Dominerds are not fun.

Yeah man, I saw! You were totally trapped in the ice! And not behind it! Have you heard of this cool new thing called "jacking out"? Just asking.

Aw, I can't be mad at such a swell purple guy.

Uh.... thanks?

Maybe I can trade it for a FireStone and evolve my Growlithe...

If you say so. I guess it's a good thing we came out this way! Why did we come out this way anyw- OH! KotoSquare! Geez I hope they're not all dead.

Generic MegaMan Battle Network solution. See also: The Best Solution.

Eesh. I forgot how psychadelic KotoSquare is.

And... apparently perfectly fine?? It honestly seems less crazy than our Square. Huh.

Aw. Dudes in KotoSquare praying for the disasters to end.

He's praying. Weird, but nice I guess? Better than those butts back in the regular Square, who just sit there whining about themselves or not noticing anything's been happening.

Seriously, KotoSquare is like the nicest place ever. I wonder why people on the virus board were saying viruses were coming from here? I didn't see anything out of the ordinary.

Right, that's sorted. Let's go annoy dad at work see what Yuichiro has to say about all this mess!


And only stop to talk to identically weird twins.

Admittedly, this second one is only weird because I seem to have great screenshot timing.

But we can't let ourselves get distracted again yet! To the lab!

Wait maybe I should check the jobs board first

...there's a lot of new jobs here! A lot... some of them I don't recognise, but the rest... it's almost like I loaded the wrong save and now have to re-do the last batch of jobs I did...


I'LL JUST LET THAT BE FOR NOW. We've got a slightly more important thing to do right now, anyway! Time to bug Yuichiro while he's working! I'm sure that whatever he's working on isn't super important.

Haha, what?

"We thought about saving her, then we got distracted"

Something terrible?! On the internet?! Oh say it ain't so

...Yuichiro you knew that already. I saw you learn about that in your meeting earlier.

"decent, or at least
consistent, text-spacing"

Oh. Right. "Things we told you recently but will now re-cap for you". This is just further evidence for that ice emitting harmful capcomanium waves. And, you know, the net world and the real world are crazy intertwined so somehow that would affect Lan's dad.

And all those TOTALLY SUBTLE hints we were given on the net about the ice "freezing" certain programs was true. They freeze the environment systems.


why are the environment systems connected to the net

if anything goes wrong with those EVERYTHING GOES WRONG FOREVER

why would you not have that in a closed system

hello MMBN what is IT security??

Entire official navi teams, taken out by dominerds...

OK yeah I can believe that.

I disagree. That red is totally a pink, and I wil refer to it as such.

Uhh.. if you say so. Does this have anything to do with the RedShard I scored earlier?


How convenient.

Lan's dad is so crazy-good at saving the day that he just immediately comes up with this. Lan's dad is rad as hell.


this is a good system i'm glad somebody came up with this idea and then many more people agreed that it was a good idea


Yes... hurry...