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Part 42: Doc! We've gotta go back! To the Undernet!


So are you prepared to run back and forth to and from the Undernet all update?!

So ready.

I'll skip you all the running about the Internet and let you join us at the Undernet

It's customary in the Undernet to be extremely annoying. And so, standing in front of navis trying to walk past while giggling. It helps balance out the less fun times.

Not the board we want to post info on! Hold on-

AOL Keyword: Plot

Maybe it's like when people join SomethingAwful for Goonwaffe and get told they have to post an introduction post in FYAD.


Maybe we should have researched this better.


There it is, the world's most exciting messageboard post.

Shouldn't be hard to find, because I love annoying talking to dudes in the Undernet, so I'm going to notice anybody new.

Also, Doc stands out almost as much as a bright blue kid navi around here.


Yes I think we are going to be good friends.

IT'S FOR A PROJECT (don't ask what the project is)

Does it? It's probably way less fun than it sounds.


What is it with this game and taking away all my chips?!


But oh geez

it's for the sake of the world...

ohhhh geeeeeez


...Doc's still a friend of ours I guess

always gotta have friends

I should hope so, after paying all that.




I should probably check what this chip does sometime.

Yeah, I bet it's causing you problems to get around the net too

YellFrag to make YeloCure? I see no problem with that.

HeatData... that sounds familiar!

Right! Right!

Thinking back to last update... I'm pretty sure I saved a Mr Prog who talked about a HeatData at length.

Somewhere... on the net.... hrrrrmmmmmm

I think it was either Koto or Yumland Area, let's see-

(this is Koto. It was actually in Yumland)

(I figured it out eventually)

(...and I'll eventually figure out the next problem with my cunning plan)

THAT'S GREAT BuDDY where my heatdata at??



Capcom! Why would you have this cute little guy talk about HeatData, then tell me to fetch HeatData, and have him not give me HeatData? Ooh, you're so sneaky...


Everybody guess!!

If you guessed the coffee maker right beside us, YOU'RE WRONG!!

If you guess Lan's mum's oven, YOU'RE WRONG!! (it doesn't have a jack-in point)

Where indeedy


it's totally in Okuden

And this bear is still here


Oops, looks like I never jacked in here before. Yay treasure! (it was just a MiniEnrg subchip and a Bubbler R chip)

Oh. Good thing we always look out for Mr Progs

Well that could've gone a mite more easily.

This location's unique L-button text was my true reward

no wait

I take it back, progressing the plot was the reward

For once I'm not talking to Mega just to get a reaction, there's actually a scripted event here.

So for once I'll spare you the trouble of shaking your monitor. I will require you to do it for any and all earthquakes after this though.

I... last time we were here wasn't it a plotpoint that Mayl was unable to get access to net services??

Update #10 posted:

I guess, uh... good thing the weather's better this time??

Yes. We'll all evacuate. From the worldwide disasters.

To Duo's meteor beyond the moon, I think we'll be welcome there.

I... really don't wanna trek across the net to the undernet right now. Let's check how the locals are responding to the WEATHER TERROR

Then... I guess they're not always a problem?

The steely glare at the end really sells it. How terrifying. And completely missable! There's some weird random dialogue in this game, I tell ya.

Speaking of things that are missable! Actually these old detonators are here so any treasure you miss in that dungeon isn't totally missable. That's pretty neat, if you know to look for it! I wonder what other neat things are around


Better get back to it, then!

-one slog through the net later-

At... at least it's easy to find... this section really does drag on, huh?


Oh Doc, I can't be mad at you. You're too fantastic

Made from a YellFrag, everyone! long as we don't have to touch the yellow ice, ick


at least it's reasonably close. I guess.


now I've got the YeloCure I'm going to need to smash a lot of ice, aren't I?