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Part 16: Hey it's Lan's dad!!! Fighting ToadMan V2.

Ummmm hmmmmmm was there something important we were supposed to be taking care of?

Oh right. Yeah.

Hey, Lan and Mega haven't seen their dad all game, huh? Good ol' Yuichiro reminds me of my mum

Oh hey, we got a new email!

Huh! I wonder who it's from!

Unfortunately, it uses a link cable to connect to MMBN1 to get you a chip, so needless to say it'll be seeing no use. Still, kind of cool!

So, we'd better visit Yuichiro! I seem to recall something important did happen, anyway.

Or... maybe we could spare a little time...

ToadMan status: still a butt

Well that could've gone better.

How embarrassing.

Oh don't worry, we have very legitimate reasons for tooling around anywhere.

There are a lot more people around the centre than usual, though that's kind of to be expected. At least they seem to be doing a bang-up job!

Mr Famous: Also doing a bang-up job

His v2 navi still isn't ready yet though.

But while I remember, hey let's talk about Mr. Famous!

"The MegaMan Network posted:

Mr. Famous is a caricature based on Masakazu Eguchi, the scenario planner for the Battle Network series. Eguchi would appear dressed as the Mr. Famous character at Japanese events and in CoroCoro Comic.

Kind of awesome, yesss. This is the first MMBN game he appears in, and he changes navis every appearance. He's a cool guy.

This lady is also cool.

Anyway, there's only so much stalling I can do, so we'd better head up to Yuichiro's office, and take in the uh, interesting narration on the way.

There's a maid in the corridor. That is kind of weird. We'd better just ignore her and go on to Yuichiro's office.

This does not appear to be Yuichiro's office.

Ah right. Heading the other direction, this looks more likely.

Well hello there

obviously I won't be using it, but here's where this thing is. There's actually more than one of these around, though.

Further down this way we've got the area from that cutscene earlier. I wonder if there's anything worth nabbing here.

Gospel's said they're going to invade Electopia, but it's good to see the centre's still on high alert.


Suits the theme of the viruses in here, at least. But geez, you'd think the centre could spring for some decent antivirus in here.

So here's Lan's dad's work area. Needless to say, we are going to be putting our grubby mitts all over everything.

And taking everything of value.

Right, right! Let's get on with it!


Not-so smooth. If we didn't know already, we did now.

Well, we did already beat some sort of commander guy who was in charge of keeping YumLand occupied, but there's probably no point in telling anybody that.

If I'd jacked onto the net before now, I would've known this already. The net is absolutely crawling with official navis.

It's either that or work on our school project, and we all know Lan's stance on projects!

Lan's stance on fetch-quests is so far undetermined, but hey at least he's had plenty of practise.

I've actually got no problem with this fetch quest. Lan and Mega want to help out saving the net from the baddies, as per usual, but this time it's with the added bonus of helping out their dad

Well... that's helpful

Really there's going to be no problem finding it, what with how hyper Lan is.

Aw c'mon, you can't possibly see how shitty my current chip folder is

I really need to do something about that

Lan, you're a geniouse.

! Aaaaaaa Yuichiro you are the best character. Always upgrading MegaMans, kicking arse and taking names.

Oh yeah, I guess knowing what the program is might help a li'l bit in finding it.

Ohhh! Asking the internet for information, we are not so different after all...

thanks thread and also Epee Em's previous thread for giving so many battling tips

Though I guess in the imaginary future there's no COPPA to stop under 13-year olds posting shit on message boards.