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Part 55: SS Licensed! Also somehow QuickMan V3 S-rank.

So! Last time we got ourselves some ArmyData so we can take our SSLicense test!

oh whoops that's not it hang on-

Yeah. Let's do this thing!

Both of them are that I don't have this license yet. I NEED IT.

Oh. Oh yeah, I forgot that usually the tests are divided into "Run around the net" and "Endurance battle YEAH"

That seems OK. Influenced by Gospel, Lan and his friends formed a gang called "Let's go beat up Gospel and then go camping". So these dudes are probably cool!

...or that's fine too


Well that's delightfully obvious! I like it!


Luckily the Black Navi (the purple guy) is just as dumb as Mega, and tells us his buddy is in Netopia.



Yeah you do not want to be running a style weak to electricity. Sparknoids are HOLY FUCK fast, and that Twisty will remove your back row before your first turn is over. And of course, ice makes you take double-damage from electricity.

I would be dead in two hits with a Water style.

Which is why I switched to WoodShield. PRO TIP.

Netopia next! Hooray for explicit instructions!

Looks like we're up for another genius battle.


Oh yeah I'm so sure.

Oh yeah also don't be running a WoodStyle here, look at those Flamey bastards. That middle one is immediately going to box me in

And that's how you

Whoops, I always forget about the random V3 navis tooling around the net. But hey guess what

this is for all the people having a whinge about chip collecting

because in the end we're playing MegaMan Battle Network, and if you aren't having fun with it then what's the point?

holy shit that was lucky though

While we're at it, here's a handy shortcut open now from YumLand to the part of Netopia closest to the Undernet.

That GospCode is fantastic.

So let's check the undernet for our next evil navi (I hear they have those down here)

...dead end?

SHAZAM. Here's MagnetMans!

My folder is still pretty great for taking down navis, even if it needs a few adjustments before I go too deep into WWW area.

Now that we're in the postgame, there's a ton of Undernet areas that we haven't had to explore before! Some of 'em have been open since lategame, but now's a good time to get in there.

Mostly because I kicked all of their arses one after the other.

How terrifying.

There are some new and different enemies in these areas of course, as well as Poison tiles (fuck you poison tiles).

Ooh, glowy.

Somewhere around here there's a purple mystery data with an Atk+20*. I bought a bunch from a netdealer in Undernet 1 though, so mehhh

This seems like an excellent amount of HP to have in a place like this.

...hahaha I love fighting fire viruses with a Water elemental style.

Green mystery data is worth it when it's not viruses (it's usually viruses)

No idea why there are license cubes all over the undernet (and WWW area). I thought the idea was to keep the officials out.

That BMD is just a RegUP2

Cripes where is that dang Black Navi this is taking way longer than the other ones did...

OK he's probably not behind here

(He's not too far from here, back in Undernet 6)


aw butts

I hate goofballs. How can something so cool-looking be so mean? I think I need something to cheer me up after that

Therrre we go!

Yeah, things are looking good. (Also there's a BugFrag beneath the stairs behind that Mr Prog)

This is my favourite part of the net. The viruses suck, but oh my gosh are you seeing this it is GLOWING. disappointing

Koto time! Let's get treasure because we never have enough treasure.

As always, random V3 encounters. QuickMan is such an arse. His HP is nice and low, but hitting him is a crapshoot. I dread having to S-rank him becau-

...That was extremely unexpected. Aw poop, I didn't get a video, and I really doubt I could do it so easy agai-


WELL. Here's Epee Em's QuickMan V3 S-rank anyway.

Anyway. After tooling around for a bit it occurred to me that Bad Navi + Koto = UnderKoto.

That's possibly a little obvious.

I've gone totally the wrong direction.

thanks MMBN2

Anyway! It's good to go back to the start of the net because

SHAZAM. This would be another good place to pull off the Gospel Duplication Trick.

Also, the only black navi. Congratulations.

Oh yeah, also that. Psssh.

Less worrying than Goofballs. But yeah, wanna kill that Null&Void right quick.

And that's how we saved the net (again)

And now, an endurance battle!

I recommend watching a movie of this. I did not record my go, so let's check our resident pro!

20 virus battles. This one is not fucking around. You really want to put some heal chips in your folder, unless you want to be constantly retrying

I did not put any heal chips in my folder

but then after 6 tries I got crazy lucky with Gater draws so WITHOUT FURTHER ADO-

OK so this doesn't look very threatening.

Therrrre we go. Of course, you'll also need to be packing sword chips to get your shadow enemies. At least you find this out early

Of course those Yurt/yoyo-spinning guys are fast, but if you don't stop in front of them, no problem. Also the grass doubles fire attacks.

Ah... a license-test staple.... ffffff

Yes, that Goofball will restore health on those grass panels.

Hope you're good at dodging! (I am not good at dodging)

DOMINERRRRRD! Please keep in mind that Dominerd3's can use a chip that will crack every panel. This can go south very. quickly. So get 'em quicker than they get you!

Yes, cracked panels is exactly what we need here

Wow, after those other battles this is almost a nice reprieve...

Yeah, packing healing chips would be an excellent idea

(from this point on I pulled Gaters almost every round, which also is good)

Actually even easier than it looks! Which is VERY NICE.

Easier than the previous dominerd. But still. DOMINERRRRD. I had Gater and some StepSwords, but you really gotta focus to make sure you dodge and attack. Dominerds will only attack when you're in front of them, so just keep it rolling.

GET THEM FAST. Because Bunny's elec attacks will do double damage. And Rattys are bastards. (I highly recommend GutsMan)

I'd recommend GutsMan again, but-

Gater is fine too.

StepSword works insanely well on this one. (Or Gater). I recommend moving fast, because you will not be dodging all the projectiles flying here.

Once that Tank is down, this is babytown frolics.

Yeah I'm going to keep recommending Luck as a workable tactic.

Don't get boxed in. Don't let them hit that bomb.

Don't let this happen YOU'RE SO CLOSE NOW.

Kill that Sparknoid so you don't have to dodge quite so frantically, and then dodge that bastard Shrimp and Popper's attacks. That's the plan.

I can't believe that worked

LAST BATTLE. Good thing we packed healing chips and aren't down to like some ridiculous HP. Does this look kind of easy? Well there's a FREAKIN DRAGON THERE TOO.

And he warps around the holes and then tries to ice you. So good luck dodging everything.

Once again, my strategy boils down to: GET LUCKY

No, I honestly have no idea how that last battle finished. I somehow hit both the dragon and the hardhead and good thing too because I was about to die.

not sure how