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Part 45: OK, there's no more ice after this one. Fighting FreezeMan

Right. That's it. After approximately 1 million ice-dedicated updates (I think it was roughly a million, no point in going back to check), I'm calling it right now. I WILL DESTROY ALL THE ICE and then there will be no more ice. And this is going to happen this update, so help me!

But first, mail?

World's about to end unless we save everyone right away, got it.

Haha yeah I'll get right on that. Let's see what Lan has to say about that

YEAH BOYYYY. That's the best idea I've heard all game!

And we're even at the end of all that trekking back and forth across the net! Koto's so close to Undernet3 now, aw yeah.

I just need to... nnnnot get lost. Actually, it's a fairly straight go back to UnderKoto, but hey, why not treasure hunt on the way over?

Oh hey, and I even have an unlocker. Things are looking up this update!

...OK, sure.

Back to the brightness of Koto! Wow we're already halfway to Gospel's top-secret super-hideout.

Though, being that this little bit connects directly to the spot in front of Lan's PC, it's not that hard to get to Gospel's hideout from anywhere really.

Oh? There seems to be nobody here

Maybe they went to the evacuation centres?

All the dealers are still here at least, so none of the chips are missable. But I think we were on a mission, so no shopping (for now).

Wow, I can't believe that actually worked. Guess nobody on either side cares much for proper network security.

...I shouldn't be surprised about this.

But hey! We're finally down this little section of KotoSquare! It kind of completes the skull that's formed by the rest of the map, looking like a little bottom jaw.

Maybe KotoSquare's not as evil-looking as I thought.

Ooh, now this looks delightfully evil! Can't go wrong with red and black.

That background... is that some sort of... dog? Hmm

Psh I bet it's not as dangerous as the undernet

or foreign nets

I hear they're full of danger

Makes sense that Gospel's HQ is full of their stupid ice.

I'd say we're pretty lucky that none of it's blue ice, that would be a problem (and also uncharacteristically intelligent for Gospel).

Dick move, Gospel. Dick move.

Oh, I guess that was it. Time for FreezeMan!

That's not really spoilers, since the guy we nicked our Gospel ID from explicitly told us FreezeMan is behind this, and hey whaddayaknow-


dammit, Mega

At least all these Gospel dudes are great about expositioning all over our dumb faces.

Is he... does FreezeMan.EXE want to be our friend?? This is a major conundrum. He's a bad guy, but... friends...

Oh right.

A+ security system, I guess??

That's generally true whenever we fight the bad guys. Except sometimes you can replace "world" with something else. Like "Yai", "an airplane", "mum's kitchen".

Aw, our little badass

Wait... let's do this properly.


For a boss this late in the game, Freezy here is kind of laughable. I mean, I'm fielding a style that's weak to him, but hey, no problem, even without blatant Gater abuse.

FreezeMan's gimmick is that some of the time he'll cocoon himself in ice, which you can break with... I guess an attack chip? Or a charge shot? I'm not sure what damage you have to beat for it, honestly. He'll also call wind to push you to the back of the stage sometimes.

As for actual attacks, he can drop three icicles from the ceiling to hit a single block each, or call ice to shoot up from the floor from him to you, a panel at a time and kind of homing. The floor-ice can be blocked with broken panels. Maybe that's all his attacks? He's kind of a chump, honestly. The ice may make you slip around, but it also makes all elec attacks do double-damage. And FreezeMan is ice-type, so double that damage. That's right, 4x elec damage if you don't destroy the stage.

Even if you don't run elec type, he's still only got 1000 HP, which is easy to whittle down at this point. I imagine he's harder on hard difficulty. BUT THAT'S NOT MY PROBLEM hahaha

So here I am beating him without Gater

And here's Epee Em

And BlitzBlast with hard mode!

BlitzBlast posted:


FreezeMan.EXE on Hard Mode

FreezeMan is a complete joke because the game just hands you the most broken defensive chip in the game in his scenario.

Invisible 3 * is a S rank drop from a Spooky 3, and wouldn't you know it there's a guaranteed encounter with three of them in some Red Ice in Yumland! They're also all around the Undernet if you want more than one. Two GutsMan V3s are an automatic kill for these guys, and oh hey I have a folder based around GutsMan.

Anyways, with Invisible 3 up you're completely invincible to everything FreezeMan can do and can just sit there plinking away at him. I guess the ice might be a problem since it wasn't until BN3 that Aqua elements didn't slip on ice, but that's what Repair is for.

Fun Fact: I think FreezeMan might have actually been designed with the fact that now's the point in the game you can first assemble Life Sword 3 in mind. That's the only reason I can see for there being constant Wind when he's vulnerable, besides the obvious North Wind joke.


You all saw how long this scenario was, right? Imagine doing that with enemies you can not run away from.

There were so many enemies I got my second style change. Oh yay, a style I already have I... I didn't actually know that was possible.

Hey, why don't you chill out, buddy.

Well..... one out of two ain't bad?

oh god the world is over, now where am I gonna keep all my stuff??

Oops, guess he midjudged the time. Don't worry buddy, we'll watch the end of the world for you

Now to- oh right



Oh. Well. Guess we're fucked.

And after we only put off saving the world a little bit!

You know how at the start of the update I said that all the ice would be gone? Ideally I was hoping it would not be because the entire world was destroyed. But I guess you gotta take it where you can.


It turned out shite. So. There you have it.



Hey, I guess all the ice is gone! Fantastic! ...pity about the world, though.

Oh wait. The ice was causing the natural disasters? Hooray suddenly everything is magically better

Because natural disasters are the sort of thing that just flick on and off

You heard it here first, folks.

What a cool dude.

The coolest dude.

Guess we'll finish this the same way it started, with an email.

Ohhhh, now I see. The background is a "G" for Gospel. And in the shape of a dog, for Gospel.