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Part 26: Gaining access to the Netopian Net. By Street Fighting. I mean, Net-navi fighting. On the street. Fighting ThunderMan.

This time we're going to actually get something done!

After we jack into the fridge and check out the goodies that may be inside!

OK I think I've found the important goodies in this fridge right here

also I guess the purple mystery data had an ElecSwrd * and there was a BugFrag in another corner of the fridge. Clearly not as important as the Mr Prog, though

Oh yeah! That's what we were doing.

Oh my golly. There's only one Electopian who I would see and immediately think about funk going down, and that's-

Aw yeah!

Nah, it was pretty helpful, so you don't have to- wait you're offering chips? Oh yeah you probably should apologise, at least a little bit.

Higsby is the greatest.

And then he vanished.



Anyway, let's look for clues! There's a dark alley right here, and that just screams "explore me I am important"!

ok i may have gotten lost and forgotten what i was meant to be doing

Um, that doesn't sound very friendly, but maybe it's a cultural thing and actually we are very welcome here.


I'm beginning to regret my idea of coming in here.

And just like that, I am glad I came in here again!

...seriously what is going on.

Netopia is so weird.

I'd better just jack this and run off, before anything weirder happens.

Yeah I guess...? Mostly just confused at the moment. And forgetting where I'm meant to be going. Wait, why was I so angry last time...?

...wait. Didn't I already ask Mega and he said-

can't be bothered to scoll up? posted:

Umm thanks Capcom. But I do think it was more than one chip...

I don't know that there's any Mr Progs around, but maybe there's something else to cheer me up while I search for our stolen junk.


Now this old guy... he reckons he knows all the secrets in the city. I reckon it's time he proved it!

This old guy is also awesome.


um. Maybe I should have come to this guy first. oops.

Jim is, of course, that potty-mouth kid.

Do you want money? Money is the one thing I have. I CAN PAY MONEY.

Ohhh what, no, chips are the thing that I don't have!

Also haha, Guard * chips, sooooo rare. OK, I won't give you the many tens of thousands of zenny burning a hole in my pocket I'm sure I'll find something reeeeaaaal nice on the Netopian internet to spend it on, I'll give you a chip that is worth probably less than one thousands of zenny.

The deal is made!

OK, sounds easy enough. Searching for random crap on the net is like 90% of what I do on any given day

OK, who's Raoul?

Oh, OK.


did you just say what I think you just said-?!

Now THAT's going to require some looking-into later!

Anyway, Raoul's right at the back of the alley, near the two awesome dudes I spoke to last time I was here. He's got a unique sprite! Everybody we've been able to netbattle so far has had unique sprites. I wonder if those two statements are related.

Oh. Guess so.

Ah, right, like the official navi said like a million updates ago*: foreign nets are dangerous. So we'd better be sure we're ready before we go on. SO LET'S BEAT THIS GUY YEAH!

*it was probably a million, right? No point in my going back and counting. I'm pretty sure it was a million

So! ThunderMan!

He's almost as annoying as that toad/frog navi that I can never remember if it's called ToadMan or FrogMan... ALMOST! But not quite so bad.

He's got three solid clouds that go back and forth along each row slowly, and can box you in if you give them the chance. If you stay blocking one on your row for long enough it'll shoot out lightning that will damage the panels up, down, left and right of it. Quite annoying to keep a hold of!

Apart from that, ThunderMan can attack by making two of the clouds shoot a lightning ball at you when you get level to them. He can also throw his arms up and call a bolt of lightning to hit the panel Mega's standing on, which he does I dunno, about three times in a row.

AreaGrab chips are definitely recommended for this fight, since ThunderMan hides in the back row, and having extra columns to dodge his clouds helps a lot. With that, he gets a lot easier. He doesn't have a huge range of attacks, but they do a good job covering the field and keeping you on your toes.

Epee Em's ThunderMan video

I actually er, lost my recording for this boss fight. Sorry! You're reeeeally not missing out, though. Allow me to summarise:
-ThunderMan is weak to Wood
-WoodStyle's charge attack has a reach of 2 panels ahead
-ThunderMan stays in the back row
-Like a moron, I left all my AreaGrab chips in my pack...

Actually, WoodShield is good against ThunderMan. Elemental weakness in your favour and the shield comes in handy.

But there's no reason to not have AreaGrabs in your folder i just wanted more damage chips to flatten random encounters...


Here's BlitzBlast with hard mode!

BlitzBlast posted:

Man fuck ThunderMan. Such a slow, boring battle.

ThunderMan.EXE on Hard Mode

Surprisingly, being in an Aqua Style does not mean ThunderMan is harder. At V1, even in Hard Mode, ThunderMan does so little damage that he's not a threat, even though I have low HP and am taking double damage. Well, I suppose the fight would be even more of a huge pain in the ass if I didn't have Rock Cubes but I think I've clearly established that Rock Cubes are fucking amazing in BN2 and that you should use them.

Fun Fact: If you let a cloud crush you against one of the sides of the area, MegaMan will flinch. He will also enjoy mercy invincibility for the low price of 0 damage. It'll kill your busting rank but it's something to keep in mind.

gaaaaah hopefully sometime soon I'll be able to find more time to do decent-sized updates...sorry!