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Part 19: Style Change

I've got a brief update today, figured I'd do a quick one early so that people wouldn't correctly guess my first style change, hahaha!

wait dammit I'm a little late OH WELL

We heard somebody might've invaded it using the attack on the Square as a diversion, and of course we came as quickly as we could

Well pshhh this is what you get having these things accessible from the internet.


I guess this would be where I interject with a story about how recently the Australian National University's supercomputer got hacked. Because that's a thing you also want accessible from the internet. Guess if they had any logging on that part of the network. Or... security


Hahaha, for once Yuichiro didn't tell Lan and Mega to stay out of danger.

And for once straight to the point! Here's the mother computer, just down the hall from Yuichiro's office.

It's freakin huge and impressive.

Yeah let's do something about that

The officials are on the job! Should we help them y/n post your answer in the thread

Haha nooope

Hyperactive 11-year olds, always reassuring in a life-or-death situation

Wait are they really going to-

oh holy cow

These officials are kind of cool. Also yes, that guy really does say 'Official Beam' and no, I have no idea what in the hell

He is amazing though

Yes, for once we see competent officials and it is awesome. Lan has a long way to go if he wants to be that cool.

Struck speechless by their coolness.

Looks like this is going to be easy, then!

seriously that was incredible, officials are hilarious

Looks like they've got it under control.

Aw. Aw because they don't have it under control, and awww they're asking an 11-year old for help

Then again, Lan did defeat the World Three last game, so maybe finally recognition, huzzah!

Gotta outdo those officials for rad poses

So, this is what the Mother Computer areas look like. The graphics kinda give the impression of a brain, huh? At least, that's what I get. The white bits are like brain folds and ... well, it's the brain of Electopia, OK maybe I'm stretching a bit

it looks pretty neat anyway

Dungeon gimmick spotted! We've got tiles with letters on them, we need to spell out passwords on them to progress, adorable Mr. Progs give us hints.



So, OK, some of these are ridiculously easy, some are actually quite hard. Also... when you step on an incorrect letter, it just warps you back to the red, patterned panel near the start of whichever password you're doing. Doesn't make you fight a virus, just makes you walk. The red panels are never very far away from the password inputs, and most of the time you're inputting words or phrases... So what I'm saying is even the hard ones are stupid easy to brute-force.

After you've done it right, the tiles all turn green and you can walk all over them however you like.

So if the gimmick's no problem, what's the deal with Mother Comp?

BUTTHOLE VIRUSES ARGH. There are a lot of Swordys in here. They are not very nice, I think the officials should run virus scans more often.

Anyway, this is only a semi-random battle. AFAIK You should always get a random virus battle around this point in mother comp 1, and it should always give you your first style change (there's a glitch that lets you skip it, and then you get your first style change after beating ShadowMan, which is really only of use to TASers).

So then...

what's my first style change?

Here's the guesses from the thread:


HeatGuts Dartonus (& Pureauthor)
AquaGuts Blade_of_tyshalle
ElecGuts KennyMan666
WoodGuts Ragnar Homsar (& Keiya)
HeatCust Tengames (& A jargogle)
AquaCust Cleretic (& BlitzBlast)
ElecCust Six of Spades (& Simply Simon & MoonwalkInvincible)
WoodCust Volfogg
HeatShield Aleator
AquaShield Geemer
ElecShield Jefepato
WoodShield Jaltos
AquaTeam Dereku
ElecTeam Heatwizard
WoodTeam HogButcher
TenguLink MoonwalkInvincib- wait shit
WoodBug alcharagia (who knows very well that style's not in this game)

And now-

Huh. I was actually going for a custom style, thanks game.

Jaltos posted:

Wood shield because that's what I always get even when I'm doing everything exactly right to get something else!

So true. I guess I should have gotten hit more and slotted in more chips each round, but hey, Shield style's fine too! Should be fun once I get the timing down for the shield... And also this is totally the first time I've ever gotten anything other than Guts so yaaay

Haha, OK, so that's excellent screenshot timing, for this whole section Mega's flickering between his new style and his normal style.

Let me be the first to say

It's not easy being green

Anyway, then Yuichiro chimes in (presumably over the phone in the PET) to tell us

Helpful things to know!

Lan is clearly unconvinced.

What he doesn't tell you is that piercing shots will go through your shield, always fun.

He doesn't explain what this is, but it's a tornado-looking thing that hits multiple times and only targets the square two squares ahead of Mega.

Fire>Wood, at least that's an easy one to remember

wait shit when was the last time I made a pokemons reference

Actually, having a WoodStyle is very handy for this dungeon...

then again so would having a HeatStyle

Eh. I'll take it.

So! Jaltos! BIG WINNER~
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