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by Epee Em

Part 19: Capcom Insurance.

Destroy Mario! Obey Wario! She seriously can't tell the difference between alcohol and water?

Fuckup Tally: 228

Fuckup Tally: 229

Fuckup Tally: 230

Our opponent drops in from the ceiling. This bodes well.

Ah, one of those narcissistic chicks. At least she has some personality.


You're horrifying. So is your scenario.

No! No!


Sad music kicks in here.

Fuckup Tally: 231

What a second indeed. And yes, Narcy is batshit crazy.

You know what this means...Guess which area we're headed to?

Sad music continues the point where I'm actually wondering if this is intentionally melodramatic and overplayed. It'd fit Narcy.

Dare I ask from who? Aside from the evil syndicates that crop up every few months, by this point anybody who had info on Lan would give a pretty shining description. Heroic, brave, dumb as a sack of hammers carved from brick, but I don't think you'd find anyone aside from Chisao who'd describe Lan as nasty.

Anyone except, of course, for you, Lan. You chose to come here.

We could call you much worse things, Narcy.


Lan...I'm not sure I know you anymore.

You'd think the ability to pause other Navis at will would make VideoMan formidable. Nah, this never shows up in his fight.

Ah, so since we haven't had Mr. Famous yet, that makes you the self-insert for the game. This explains so much. Fandumb Conspiracy Theory: Narcy and VideoMan wrote MMBN4.

And here's our wretched gimmick. I'm kind of sad that MegaMan isn't speaking backwards now.

All of our movement controls have been reversed. Contrary to what I had thought before, this does not also apply with battles.

ParkArea3(Duh), TownArea2, ACDC2. These three "release tapes" have been sent to those locations.

It's all a ploy to make Lan show up late for the match. This of course never gets brought up in other matches, especially those in the Blue Moon tournament which usually involve excessive international plane travel.

This is at best tedious, at worst annoying. The actual areas the tapes are in though, are amazingly rage-inducing. See these panels? Touch one, and you're warped back to the start of the area.

Oh yes.

Oh no. CAPCOM! All my zenny is gone! You bloodsuckers! First my life, then my money! What're you, an insurance company!? Wait...

Capcom Insurance. Huh. Now there's a scary idea.

I'm kind of deriving a masochistic pleasure out of these security features though. Now I'm not just playing the game, I'm playing against the game. It hates me back!


It proceeds mostly smoothly, at any rate. Getting the reversed controls down isn't hard. At this point, I've said "Ah fuck it, the No Encounters cheat is a permanent thing", after all. This would hurt my folder in the long run if not for the fact that most chips I want are available via Mystery Data, and I can always just turn the code off whenever I want.

Besides, I want my HP back down to 0 so I can experiment.

No timer.

Oh man, Narcy, do you have any idea how much of an asspain mucking with digital video is? Here's what goes on behind the scenes of making a video in this LP:

1: Record uncompressed AVI from VBA because I'm a fucking chimpanzee when it comes to this.

2: Open the AVI in VirtualDub, resynchronize the FPS so that the damned gradual sound desynch doesn't happen.

3: Save the new file, open in Windows Movie Maker, save as standard format to losslessly compress down from usually around 300 MB to 50MB or so, for a 2:30 video.

4: Upload to YouTube.

And this is the retarded way, sans compression codecs. Mark my words, if I get more technologically savvy with LPs later on, I'm going to look back on this in shame. God, it's a good thing I type better than I talk, adding in Audacity to record my own commentary, synchronizing THAT to the video...

Narcy, stick to analog for the sake of retro charm and be done with it.

Eric Carl, thankfully, is a better writer than these two.

Down to the wire, oh the drama!

Okay, fine, credit to Capcom for not making it the very last second as usual.

Fuckup Tally: 232.

It's interesting, there's been so few Fuckups in this update despite it being one that every player of the game dreads. And probably because the majority of it was me getting the release tapes offscreen, which had no dialogue involved.

This may be the longest name in the series, weirdly.

Narcy, you have some serious identity issues to work through.

The fight versus VideoMan...oh lord. What do I say about this? This is shameful. I'd have re-recorded, but no, I beat him on the first try, so you get the video of that.

Was I half-asleep or something when I recorded this?

The large pause and confusion at the beginning of the video is me forgetting that you can't Soul Unison with Regular Chips. Witness my befuddlement as I wonder if the game has locked me out of Soul Unisons, or just bugged up again! Be amazed at my wonder, as I discover with awe, that I can Soul Unison normally afterwards!

Durrhurrrrr. And then I just beat him with PileDriver out of pure luck. This video sucks, next update I'll go hunt down VideoMan V2 and give a proper battle.

Oh right, yeah, whining. I whine about not winning right, Narcy whines about losing, it all works out.

Operators insulting their Navis for losing is like Capcom Shorthand for "Bad Person", really. Navis seem to do most of the work though. It's kind of surprising that the series never actually explains what the hell operating a Navi entails. Yes, I watched footage from NT:Warrior, by the look of it, Operators slot in chips and scream out tactics. The latter being typical shonen counter-productivity. "CATCH HIM BY SURPRISE AND SNEAK ATTACK FROM BEHIND!"

Aaaand this dialogue is made far more disturbing because it's these two speaking it.


You know, I was going to grab the mugshot and do one of those fake dialogue segments, but I'm just too disgusted by the thought. Let's try and have standards, at least...

Yes, please, for the love of all things right, go away!

Lan mocks Narcy for being a filthy cheater, at least. Speaking of, by this point it should be obvious I intend to use a Have All Chips cheat at some point to fill in the gaps. My question for you guys is, would you prefer I do that sooner or later, at the actual postgame door that requires all chips?

I can rip through things and produce much more satisfyingly powerful DS battles that way as well. But if I do it later, I'll have suckier stuff for a long while, inevitably leading to more rage and hate, as well as more skill in battles as opposed to force.

Oh? This is interesting, so far the game had been progressing exactly how it had on my cartridge. I had fully expected to get NumberSoul and JunkSoul on this playthrough, looks like I'll be getting MetalSoul instead. No complaints there, MetalSoul is great, and I use a lot of breaking chips. Too bad about JunkMan though, looks like he'll be the last soul, to be obtained in playthrough 3.