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Mega Man Battle Network 4-6

by Epee Em

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Original Thread: Let's Play: The MegaMan Battle Network Series



Let's Play: Megaman Battle Network 2! The MMBN Series! Except 1!

Q: Why not MMBN1?

A: MMBN1 was already LP'd by Broken Loose. While not uploaded to the LP archive, it is listed on the master list, and I'd like to LP a game that the forums haven't already seen.

Editor's Note: Due to loss of images, Megaman Battle Network 2 & 3 are not included in this archived copy.

Q: A MegaMan RPG? With annoying characters? What the hell is this?

A: The MegaMan Battle Network games are a large deviation from the normal platformers people are used to. Fans of the original games might not like them, its true, they're very different from any of the other Megaman games, save for the Starforce sequel series.

Q: There's a ton of stuff to collect in these games! Will you really be showing how you get all of it?

A: Nnnno. Yeees. I originally intended to use cheats to skip the collectathon aspects of the games, but using them has a tendency to start introducing glitches that can wreck the save. So I'll be off-screening most of the grinding, but show off the notable stuff.

Q: How will you be LPing this game, anyway?

A: Hybrid. I'll be using screenshots to show off most of the gameplay, and I'll link to Youtube videos of the bosses. No boss in the entire series should take more than the allotted 10 minutes, so don't mind that. I'll also be posting links to music tracks that I especially like, some of them are quite nice.

Q: Can we recommend you use any specific chips or strategies or combinations?

A: You can, but I'll only show them off if they're especially notable, game-breakingly powerful, funny, or otherwise worth the time.

Q: How will you play, then?

A: I'll avoid using anything cheap, for starters. No  Gater , for example, though I'll show it off. Other than that, whatever seems fun to use. One of my favorite aspects of this series is how insanely customizable it is. While in competitive play, and up against some of the post-game superbosses, certain builds are favorable or sometimes outright necessary, the rest of the time the games can be played however you want and with a massive amount of variability.

Edit: Additional note! Due to this being my first LP ever, I did not anticipate the image host losing so many of my images over the span of months. Kindly goons have filled in blanks that have been created over time in MS Paint, for better or worse. They'll be credited as it becomes relevant. Additionally, Spelling Mitsake actually played through MMBN4 to take missing screenshots. So honor his kind heart and mourn his shattered mind, because MMBN4 is a really shitty game.

And even people from outside the forums have gotten involved! Cowbocks from YouTube has kindly begun playing through MMBN3 Blue to provide missing images for those updates as well.

Table of Contents


  • Update 1: Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.
  • Update 2: It's even worse than I remember.
  • Update 3: MegaManos Battle Network of Fate
  • Update 4: Souls! I must have more souls!
  • Update 5: Fuckup Tally guessing is closed now.
  • Update 6: Delirium ensues.
  • Update 7: Morning wood.
  • Update 8: Curry is now a Schedule I controlled substance.
  • Update 9: BurnerMan somewhat resembles a cupcake.
  • Update 10: Some things never change.
  • Update 11: Meltdown.
  • Update 12: Finally, no more fucking tournaments! For this playthrough.
  • Update 13: Plot, MMBN4 style.
  • Update 14: I would genuinely prefer a Saturday morning kid's cartoon villain.
  • Update 15: End playthrough one. End any and all patience with this crap.
  • Update 16: The cycle of abuse begins anew!
  • Update 17: Capcom's revenge makes this game vastly more difficult, to my delight. Meanwhile, with Keiji Inafune....
  • Update 18: Playthrough after playthrough, there is one constant: Going to ParkArea3 over and over.
  • Update 19: Capcom Insurance.
  • Update 20: Minigame horrorshow.
  • Update 21: Ave Satani.
  • Update 22: A Game-Pulverizing Orgy of Codes!
  • Update 23: I win. I triumphed over MMBN4.
  • Update 24: I think there might actually be more Fuckups in this game than there are chips.
  • Bonus: Spelling Mitsake shows off the missed JunkMan content.
  • MMBN4 Red Sun Exclusive Content: By Ephraim225

    MMBN5: Double Team DS

    MegaMan Battle Network 6: Gregar Version (Broken Loose gameface) and MegaRockBlog Patched Falzar Version (Epee Em)

    MegaMan Network Transmission: By FighterKnuckles, slight guest commentary by myself. By AnimaBolt (VLP)

    Bonus Stuff:

    Gnilley: A game played entirely by shouting.

    Fan art - contains spoilers

    By gnome7:

    By TwoPair:

    By Depressing Box:

    By MissEchelon:

    (I'm uncertain about this one, unfortunately, but it seems to be her art style.)

    By Shaezerus:

    (Colored by MissEchelon)

    Design-A-Navi contest run by PlasmaMan:

    ClashMan.EXE by Bruceski and Screaming Idiot:

    SnidleyMan.EXE by Depressing Box:

    Concept Art also by Depressing Box:

    BanditMan.EXE by gnome7:

    BeardMan.EXE by Terry Van Feleday:

    VegasMan.EXE by Six of Spades:

    PlugMan.EXE and DynamoMan.EXE by SKBasis:

    Messload of Navis by SKBasis:

    ZoneMan.EXE by SystemLogoff:

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