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Part 6: Chapter 4.5


Hyperman1992 posted:

A search of the name on Google brings you to the bookstore's website (found here). Halfway down the page, they have a number marked LUND 185053.

Is this the number?

Sounds like a good lead! I should have the next update up tomorrow or Wednesday and we'll test that theory.

Meanwhile, here's an e-mail update:

From: Kristin Lark <>
Subject: Translation of a German newspaper


I don't know if you've noticed, but there's a German newspaper article
in the Ustichos screen that I've tried to translate (not all of it is
Aside from learning that Volker was born in Soligen, there are few more
details on his disappearance:

"Has Professor Volker been kidnapped? There is growing concern in
academia where there is still no news of the researcher. He was invited to
Rhodes 2 weeks ago to give a conference and has still not shown any
signs of life (...)
According to sources close to the investigation, the professor was
alleged to have been seen for the last time on the Rhodes - Symi shuttle
boat in the company of three men speaking Italian (...)." He would never
have gone and left documents of great historical value in his bag, which
was found at the hotel". Professor Volker was born in Solingen in 1930.
His built his reputation by specialising in an ancient Egyptian
language, which is still spoken today by Egyptian Christians. (...)".

Maybe he wasn't in Rhodes by pure coincidence? Maybe this cursed book
has got something to do with the templars who had settled on Rhodes?
I'll see if I can unearth something...