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Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge

by Clavius

Part 20: Mardi Gras (Part 1)

Now then, which mortal enemy is it that you have unfinished business with today, Guybrush?

The party guard? You'll be needing a disguise for that, he knows where you live.

A fun disguise adds a whole new happy mystique to revenge!

The invitation came with a costume? Oooh I wonder what it could be!

Let's see... Your costume is right over here.

Now now Guybrush, I know you're excited, but save some of that for the party.

He'll get the wrong idea if... Quick! Pretend you don't like it!

Nicely done!

No time for comic books now, it's time to head to the party!

Off to your first Mardi Gras, I'm so proud.

Did you bring a costume and an invitation?

I've got my invitation right here.

Well what do you know. You do have an invitation. Do you have a costume?

I have my costume right here.

Better put it on.

Well, if you insist.

And please try not to punch out the guard this time.

Then you'd never get past that tiny inoffensive bar blocking your way.

Aww, isn't he adorable!

Quick, he's going for the crotch! Defend yourself!

Oh you little wuss. Why don't you just put a dress on and swish around fo... Oh.

We're here! How do you feel?

Of course you do!

So this is what passes for a wild party around here then...

But what can we do about it?

Well... We just ask...

Ask? What are you, nuts?

Yeah. I guess you're right.


Mardi Gras sure is tough on us swingers.

I'll drink to that.

Nobody seems to know where the hookers and blow are, that'll have to do.

You're going to just grab it? In front of everyone?

All hell is breaking loose! Get out of there!

They're right behind you! Run! Run as fast as your silky smooth legs can carry you!

Whew, that was a close one.

Oh dammit, I told you to take care of that thing when you had the chance!

Nothing a big hug wouldn't cure.

I was talking to the dog. Who are you?

I'm selling these fine pink dresses.

No thanks. It's not on my colour wheel. But let's just see what you have in your pockets.

Silly Guybrush, eveningwear isn't for fleeing.

And it's going!



And it's GONE!

What did I tell you about the eveningwear?

Hey you could learn a thing or two about seduction from this guy.