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by Clavius

Part 38: The Ending

Disclaimer: No screenshots were viciously disfigured with photoshop during the making of this update.

You put all that into a handy little voodoo bag.

You do a happy little dance.

And it is time.

How right you are.

That's pretty good Guybrush. But not good enough to stop ME...

I laugh at you and your puny voodoo tinkerings.

You know, this doll reminds me of the stretchy strongman I had as a kid.

Talking time is over now.

I wonder what would happen if I tore the leg off this thing?


Guybrush... --ghack---


Come over here.

No way, I'm not that stupid.

But I want you to... --gag-- ...Take my mask off... --choke-- ...See the TRUE face of your brother.

--gurgle-- No no, I promise. I'm dying here!

Oh, all right I'm coming over.

My god, you're... My creepy brother Chuckie!

What, did you think I was kidding before?

Why do you hate me as much as you obviously do?

Look, Guybrush, could you help me out. Stick the leg back on the doll, okay?

Will you promise to stop picking on me?

All right all right, I promise! Anything, just put the leg back on!

Oh my god! The maintenance tunnels that lead to all the islands, even Monkey, and that's how Herman got to Dinky. And that's why all the pirates are friendly happy smiley pirates!

The E ticket! It's all a theme park from the imagination of a child oh what a creative and thoroughly original idea!

But wait...

What if... the theme park child thing is the illusion created by LeChuck using the power of Big Whoop...

It's the most brilliantly crafted piece of plot mystery ever concieved!

That or, you know, Ron Gilbert knew he was leaving Lucasarts, couldn't get the Monkey Island rights and wanted to screw over whoever would try to continue on from that ending.

Here's A Better Ending

Or maybe it could be spelled out for you right there in the credits seriously what the hell is everyone's problem with understanding it?

Ending Credits

Thanks for watching everyone.