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Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge

by Clavius

Part 8: The Fall of an Empire

So there I was... Three foot of raw man lay behind this door. It was all up to me.

I had to act fast...

I plunged my pin of justice into the cute little voodoo doll of justice!

His face contorted in hilariously agonising pain.

Take that you stumpy little dim witted toad!

What?!? Who do you think you are?

I'm Guybrush Threepwood. People don't always recognise me...

I had to finish what I started.

I'm gonna tear you limb from limb!

If I didn't he was liable to do some serious damage to my shins!

How are you DOING that?

Largo Lagrande, you are a no good, two-bit, vicious thug. I command you to give me back my money and leave this island!

Ha! I already spent all your money!


The situation was becomming more and more tense...

It was time to step it up a notch.

I showed him who was boss, that was enough.

But what the hell, one more for the road.

He ran out of there crying like a little girl.

YOU killed LeChuck?

As a matter of fact I did. Quite an interesting story actually...

The fortune teller said SHE did in LeChuck.

Oh she did did she?

Is that...

Yes. LeChucks beard. Still alive and wriggling.

Let me see that...

Boy, it IS alive. We've been looking for a living piece of LeChuck for years! Now we can bring him back to life! Look out world! The most fearsome pirate of all time will soon sail the seas again!

In retrospect, keeping living bits of LeChuck hanging around might've been a touch silly...

As much as I loathe that worthless manatee, I had to consult the voodoo lady.

If they have any animated tissue, they can re-animate his whole body.

But I blew his body into a zillion gooey pieces!

Not his body, Guybrush. You destroyed his spirit form. His body was safely buried far away.

But by now it must be...

Rotten? Partially decomposed? Yes. And I don't think that's going to make him any more pleasant to deal with.

He's going to be looking for me!


He's going to try to kill me!!!


Without hesitation, I fearlessly stepped up to the challenge of confronting him once again!

Can you just kill me now and get it over with?

You must try not to lose hope, Guybrush. There is a way out.

What is it?

You're doing it right now.

Hunting for Big Whoop.

Oh yeah, I was doing that wasn't I.

Big Whoop isn't just a treasure. It contains the secret to another world. Find that world and you'll be able to escape LeChuck forever.

But I know so little about Big Whoop...

Take this book.

"Big Whoop: Unclaimed Bonanza or Myth?". Gee, thanks.

But first, I had me some credit to hog!

...Drove him right out of town.

No it was me!


Ummm, well. Never mind...

He's history.

Oh really?

Those sons of bitches.

But never mind that, I had a ship to charter!