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Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge

by Clavius

Part 9: Captain Dread

It is time.

If I am to proceed in my quest, I must face him.

The most fearsome, bloodthirsty, bad motherfucker ever to set up a small ship chartering business.

His name alone strikes fear into the very souls of pirates throughout the caribbean.

What unspeakable things await me on the other side this dock...

I can only imagine...

But I know what I have to do. I must face, once and for all, the bowel-melting terror of...

Captain Dread!

I need to charter a ship.

Sorry. I can't charter you my ship. A while ago I lost my lucky sailing necklace. I call it my "eye that has seen the world". I can't sail without it. No way, mon.

Tell me more about that necklace thingy you lost.

It happened some time ago... My navigator and I set sail for this legendary island. When we arrived we were taken prisoner by some cannibals. I escaped mon, but my navigator was not so lucky. All I found of him was one of his eyeballs and i've kept it as a good luck charm.

Old Head of the Navigator dude! I love that guy!

He sure loved that necklace of his... Nice guy.

Can't hold his liquor though...

So hey check this out, I totally stole it from a blind guy!

This will do just fine for my lucky sailing necklace.

I need to charter a ship.

You're in luck my friend, rumour has it Largo's been run off the island...

No more cops on your ass then, sweet.

So, do you think you could help me out... ?

Yeah... About that...

Come on man don't be like that, you know I'm good for it...

I thought you were cool Dread, I guess I was wrong.

Damn, I have to raise some cash, and fast!

Maybe if I ask real nice, these guys will let me join their performance.

They must make thousands with their exemplary marketing skills, business models and other important sounding things.

What happened to your leg?

It happened during a performance.

When I lost the leg, I was brilliantly showing the inseperability of the path man walks...

The symbolism of the cheese was essential.

You know, this leg is looking sort of dingy. Would you get some polish over at the woodsmiths and polish it for me?

Give me the money for the polish.


Ha! It was all an elaborate ruse! I never intended to buy the polish! I was only working for...


Making me run your errands?

That's one piece of eight.


You're just trying to humiliate me, aren't you...

Laying your dirty work on me.

Thanks! Here's a piece of eight for your trouble.

But I'll have my revenge! I always do. Just you wait.

Thanks! Here's a piece of eight for your trouble.

[Inaudible Mutterings]

Thanks! Here's a piece of eight for your trouble.

I slaved for hours over this diseased foot! And how do you repay me?!

But it's over now. Just one more, and I'll have it!