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Part 10: The Guybrush

Here, on the vast plains of Scabb Island, we can observe, the wild Guybrush.

Here we see the Guybrush stalking its main source of prey: The common brown rat.

As you can see, the Guybrush is easily outsmarted by its prey.

But this creature has developed, an interesting method of capturing its prey in order to survive.

Using various items that it manages to pick up and carry around in its specially designed sac...

The Guybrush constructs a primitive contraption with which to capture its prey.

It has even deciphered a method of luring the rat into its elaborate construction.

The rat cautiously moves for the bait while the Guybrush observes in anticipation, keeping perfectly still.

Here we see him silently creeping in for the attack...

The rat is cornered! The plan has worked flawlessly.

And now he ruthlessly moves in for the kill...

There is a limited supply of prey for the Guybrush on these plains, and they're very protective of it once caught.

Here we see it moving off to a safer location to consume its prey, away from larger predators.

The Guybrush has an interesting method of consuming its prey once caught.

They have discovered that preparing their catch before consumption can increase their usage of it.

Here we see him utilising a primitive cold soup-like preparation.

Perhaps, one day, they may even discover the utilisation of fire.

And now the Guybrush must leave the meal to simmer in the soup while he gathers the rest of the pride for their meal.

A single rat can feed four Guybrushes for weeks at a time.

But then, suddenly, another species is encountered! The Guybrush must not reveal to the other animal that he has food under any circumstance, or he may lose his meal!

Stew? How gauche! We only serve gourmet chilled soups here. In fact, our new cook has been working all day on a very special vichyssoise.

Uh... I'm not really that hungry anymore...

Dang. Hey, can you cook?

A little.

How'd you like a career in the fast-paced world of pub-food cuisine?

Sure I'll give it a shot.

Great! the job is yours. First weeks wages are in advance. Here. Now go strap on an apron and get to work.


The Guybrush has lost his only source of food.

He must search for another means of sustenance quickly, or he will surely die.

He retreats from the scene, he knows he must search elsewhere for his prey now.

But the Guybrush has picked up on something much more interesting. He has caught scent of a female Guybrush.

Here we have the female of the species, to attract males she displays her magnificent plumage.

She watches intently as the male begins the mating dance.

But quickly loses interest.

The male then begins to reflect upon high school experiences and... oh shit he's spotted us!

What the hell do we do now?

Damn he looks pissed... Well I suppose I'd be pissed too if I just lost my meal and...


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