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by Opendork

Part 19

Hello, everyone! Today's going to be a beautiful day as temperatures reach a high of-

Why are you still here? Get out.

Of the world? How is that going to work?

How about 'of my sight'?

I guess that works.

Let's just go.

What is it?

We're going the wrong way.

Uh huh. Why?

You need permission to climb the mountain.

I didn't need permission.

You didn't climb.


Uh, well it's fun to be with you and all, but why did you want to meet a fairy so bad? We're actually pretty boring.


She sure loves to shut up at the important moments. Seriously, though, Fron. Is that really the best reason you have for your little obsession?

Well I... know. I thought it would be neat to meet a legendary fairy. That's all.

Uh-huh. Well considering how that turned out you might have been better off trying to meet a unicorn. At least they don't wear- where did Chitta even get that pot? Seriously.

A shortcut through the desert?




Look! It's balancing a ball on its nose. Isn't that adorable?

Get out of my way or my business will be killing you. I don't have time for this.

I don't think I follow that logic. They're going to die so they should run to save their lives? Oh, and important plot point that Chitta couldn't be bothered to tell us before.

You guys are going to be cashing in that 'with your very lives' part real soon, I bet.

Real soon.


"Did someone cleaning my room accidentally scrub the same tile twice again?"

I guess the other sentry took his advice and ran like hell.

"Someone is climbing a mountain without permission! Oh, and magical creatures are killing everyone."

"Order reinforcements to protect the seal which has already been breached! Don't have them follow him or anything. That wouldn't be cost effective."

Thousands of miles away...

Sure you told me... just THEN.

After we already found out.

What's that?


Wait... you mean to say the island is going to sink, Chitta?


Oh no... everyone could drown if we don't catch that guy. I hope Tia is still alright.

Hey, what's that?

It's a.. cat?

Am I missing something here?

Oh. I guess I was.

You can let me handle this, Fron! I've got the power of the...


The bear wont actually walk to up to you if you hide there. He dies very quickly.

-Fron levels up. (just him)
-2 each of wonder leaves and magic berries are obtained.


Yup. They built those walls a long time ago to keep out invaders.

I hate big cities!

And paying attention.

Did you know it's supposed to snow here all year round?

Fun trivia about Snowt:
-It has walls.
-It has snow.
-The mayor isn't too bright. But I doubt that surprised any of you.

What's snow?

It's that white powder all over the walls. It's very cold.

How does it stay cold if everything around it is warm?

That's easy! A wizard did it! No, really.

Hey, open the door!

Why? What's the worst that can happen? Help comes?

The spirits leave town and melt?

Maybe... maybe they closed the door because they didn't want anyone to know that they were being beaten by SNOW.

Ah... forget this.

I've got no choice... I have to break down this door!

The giant steel door? Are you insane? This is stronger than an inn wall. You can't just-


Well, I guess I should have expected it to be made of construction paper, considering this town.