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by Opendork

Part 21

It's the Monstania action force! Heading for its ultimate battle!

All right!

Let's go!


I think Chitta was trying to tell us the island is in danger somehow.

Yeah, you're behind us there. It's going to sink, so let's not stop to talk.


Watch out for traps, alright? You know how these caves can be.

I'm going to stop you there for all our conveniences. Fron, hold down the fort in that little nook. Tia, go on ahead.

If we need to scout ahead, I'll do it.

No, dammit. Listen to me. Tia can stop time and heal herself better than you.


Yep. Alright, Tia. It's you and me.

What's so special about this hallway? I mean, I don't see anything special about-



Run very fast, and stop time a lot on the way, alright?

Will do!

Fron! There's a boulder coming this way and I'm out of crazy move points and there are snakes.

S...sorry. I'm feeling kind of light headed from all the poison right n... right now.

And so, the boulder did pass by, killing all snakes in the process.

Let's get out of here before anything else happens. I wonder how Barambat managed to get through here without tripping that trap?

Yeah, I just... can you just use treat a bunch of times? I need... medical attention.

Onward, to round 2!

Well there IS magma. Even though I don't remember any of these mountains being a volcano. Oh, well.

Looks like there are a bunch of fire spirits going wild here, too. I hate those things.

Well, I guess we couldn't hope to avoid more elementals. Onward and upward.

Ah! Hot! Hot! Hot!

Salamanders have lots of range and lots of HP, as well. Stay out of their way and use your own long range attacks if need be. Failing that, press onward until you get close, then lay the beatdown.


Proceeding to the end of the path, we can finally leave this place behind.
You get:
-A Magic Sword. Not the skill that Tia has, but an actual sword that is magic. It's naturally Fron's best weapon.

To think someone would leave it just lying around.

Next up: It's round 3!

No introductory banter this time, just a puzzle to solve.

Place the three pyramids on the matching colour panel, then have your characters stand on those switches.

Now, how did he manage THAT by himself? Ah, forget this place. I hate stupid puzzle doors.

Stupid puzzles... always slowing me down... take ages to figure out...

We've come a long way, do you suppose we've made it to the mountain proper yet?

We must be at least close.

And yet so far. It's still quite a ways from the top, I imagine.

Hopefully we wont have to go that far.

Take note:
-They DO both level up here. Must be the quest experience.

So you realize you've been all over this stupid island in the last little while? Now you head to the center for the last bit of this little trip.

Well, not everywhere. It's not a huge island, but there is plenty to do.

I'd rather not hear about what I missed. Not yet, anyway.

Yeah, alright. I need to catch my breath, too.

Look at all the Felicia flowers blooming here.

No time to ruin the ecosystem right now. We've got to start climbing again.


Remember the graveyard? And the raft?

What are you getting at?

Barambat is standing directly in front of me.

Hey, kids!

Give us the stone right now!

Haha, how sad for you: I don't have it any more. Why do you care, anyway? Shouldn't you be running before this while island sinks?

You don't seem to understand. This island has been ailing for quite some time now. Consider this a mercy killing.

Oh, shut this guy up before he starts a monologue.

I've had enough of this. I'm going to help Chitta and save this island. You wont stop me.

In that case, it seems that the time has come to settle our differences once and for all.

This is it.

Be careful, Fron.

This one's mine, Tia.


Hey, you know what?

I disagree. I think you are the fool of quite a few people.


Watch it, Fron. The guy has more range and power than you do. He can even hit you directly through the trees.

That's why I use my head and ambush him.



Just dealing with any possible interference. Like I said, I intend to end this here.

So do I!


We obtain:
-2 each of wonder leaves and magic berries. Again.

It wasn't exactly the first time.

But it was the last. It's over, Barambat?

I see, well... the spirits are preparing their wrath, so I'll have to say so long to you kids.


He disappeared. Did he finally die... or did he escape?

There's no time for that, now. We have to find Chitta.


Huh. That was a change in scenery.

More bats, come to bother us.

Boy, I sure do hate the sixty thousand bats we've had to kill so far.

This seem to be the only way forward.

I can't make that jump, Fron. Only you can do it.

Yeah. I know.

But I can't-

This is too important, Fron. Everyone could die if we don't do anything. Just... do one thing for me.

I'll do it, Tia. I promise you that.

Then... good luck.

In case you can't tell, this is close to the end.