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by Opendork

Part 9

I sure hope Fron is alright!

He'll be fine as soon as we shift focus back to him. On that note, good day.

Good to know I didn't miss anything.

Welcome back.

What is it this time?

It's a Grene eater.

Wonderful, what's that?

Well, just look!

So it's Grene, and it eats, instead of something that eats grenes.

It might be the second one. Grenes are little forest critters that live in this area, as opposed to the color green.

Yeah fuck the food chain let's save the cute things.

It's because he's an elf whose only superpower is singing. I don't think this thing has ears so obviously he needs help. Also, elves suck.

We're going to have a hard time with those tentacles.

We sure are.

Tell me, why isn't it hitting us?

Can't get past these bushes, I guess.

I know how to do it.

Hush, I think I have it.


Nothing. Look, one of those songs of yours heals people, right?

You realize this daring plan of yours is going to hurt a hell of a lot, right.

Yeah, but it's the only way.

Oh, that's for sure. I was going to tell you to do it anyway, but you thought of it yourself so now you can't blame me.

I know, I know. First, I just have to jump over this shrub, so that Morin is still safe in that little area.

Alright, Morin. Keep me alive, alright?

I wont let you down.

And now, ladies and gentleman, my "Ode to HP Recovery."

Oh god, it's soothing and painful at the same time.

You can stop playing now, Morin. I got it.

But I just got to the good part.

Don't let him play any songs. If he doesn't stop I'm going to reach through the video game and shove that harp down his throat.

Oh, and:
- Fron levels up, Morin remains lame.
- Cure-all obtained.
- Fairy Ring obtained, it increases max AP.
- We get a new longbow for Tia, and a shiny set of silver arrows- good against the undead.

Tia should like them. I found them inside the grene eater's corpse.

Those look like Lorrie's equipment. She said she was passing by here, but... oh dear.

Who's that coming through the bushes?

Well, if we get hungry we could try cooking a jumping rat! I brought a pot!

I think we should have turned left back there in the series of four-ways that all look exactly alike.

Hey, Tia! Chitta!

Earlier she was worried about him, now she's just, "Oh, it's YOU."

So who's the... guy... with the green and the harp?

Or maybe into some sort of elf trap. Those elves can be tricky.

I'm Tia, and that's Chitta.

Yeah, I'm Chitta! Yeah! YEAH!



Are you... never mind.

So our heroes left the stupid side-story.

I thought we were looking for the exit.

I'll never forget your help, Morin. Thanks.

Oh Fron, I'll never forget you, either. Except you are actually going to forget because I'm wiping your memory to keep the elves' home a secret. Ta-ta!


Luckily, he's sleeping with the fishes around now.


What's that?


Well, uh, we should be able to get to Maberia before nightfall. Let's go.

I guess the internet was right. We got through the whole forest without any incident.

You sure did, Fron, you sure did. That's the end of this bit, anyway. Go get some food or something.

Sweet, fried grene. That's a-

You told me.

I don't remember doing that.

You did. Just go.

Stupid elves.