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Part 15: I Can Kick A Suezo's Ass

Part 15

The big fat training montage [Jun 3rd, 1003|7:18 pm]

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The last 10 or so months have been relatively uneventful. No battles, no visitors, just training training training. Let's see what happened.

Rash is getting so smart, I'm going to have it do my taxes next year.

Rash is good and all, but you know Joy's a CPA.

Joy's going to be a KFC if you don't shut up about that bird.

You know you can't do that. Toucans are an endangered species.

STUPID GOVERNMENT! I'm going to punch a box of Fruit Loops. Make Rash do some laps or something in the meantime.

Hey, what does that +1 thing mean?

I dunno.

I thought you were supposed to be trained in this kind of stuff.

Yeah, but... I dunno. It's an extra number. What more do you really need to know?

I guess. But shouldn't we do a bunch of tests and statistical analysis and other scientificy things?

It's a 1 with a plus sign. That usually means something's gone up by 1.

But the totals don't add up and-

Don't care!


Can you at least explain why there's an extra star here now?

Oh, that. I took the liberty of upgrading a couple of the courses that Rash has trained a lot on, like the meditation chamber and the study room.

New study room, eh? Let's see that.

It's exactly the same as before.

But now they're surrounded by more books!

But Rash is still being taught by a toucan.

But now with more books.

Oh, forget it. Just show me the new meditation chamber.

When did we get a cave?

I dug one.

You- what? When? How? You're, like, 12 years old.

I like digging.

How about you dig me a pool, then?

You got it!

I was- hey! I was joking!


All done!

You frighten me, girl.

What do you think?

Rash looked like a giant sperm. Let's never do that again.

So back to the cave?

To the Loon-Cave!

Do you want to scold it?

That won't be necessary.

Rash looks relieved.

Good. Because I'm going to kick its ass.

Excuse me?

So, you think you can just sleep around on my watch?!

From now on, you may call me Loongear, the Suezo Puncher.


What was that?

I said we have mail.

Awesome. So we just have to decide where to send h-

Not so fast.


There's also an official tournament this month.


Not only do you have to decide on fighting or errantry, but you have to decide what kind of which you want to go with as well.


Right. So I'll leave you to make this all-important decision.


Guys, what in God's name do I choose?! Errantry or Tournament? And then which course or tournament? C or B cup? Speed, Power, Int or Skill? I am freaking out right now. HELP!