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Part 17: Snow Lemurs and Telepathy

Part 17

Beeeeeeeeeeeeeaar! [Dec 7th, 1003|8:19 pm]

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I guess we'll train Rash's speed.

Lucky for you, we just got another errantry coupon.

To the Loon-mobile!

You mean the city bus?


The frigid mountain air will make Rash faster, somehow.

Your monster's first task was to climb up our sledding slope. I hope you appreciate this, as it took away much of my valuable tobogganing time.

As it would turn out, your monster scaled that slope rather quickly. It also appears to have developed some sort of telepathic ability in the process.

For the next course, we drop large stalactites on your monster. That is all.

I'll not lie to you, we were disappointed that your beast somehow managed to survive. Bruce, our resident stalactite dropped, walked home with nothing but shame in his heart.

Course the third involves breaking the ground your monster treads, to see if it will be able to make it across the path.

Once more, your monster defied the odds to make it to the end of the course.

For the final trial, your monster must single-handedly best not one, but TWO starving polar bears. Cruel? Perhaps, but this is the only way to make the bears learn.

"Rash" had assumed he won by virtue of the fact that the polar bears were fighting amongst themselves.

But all that in-fighting caused was more hunger and bloodlust in our bears.

Sadly, the bears' plan to belly-flop your monster in succession failed, and it was able to pass them by.

Just past the bears was one of the most fearsome rogue monsters we have ever listed. Puncher has caused more monster deaths than fifty plagues.

We are unsure of exactly what cause such a notorious monster to suddenly drop dead. Consider your monster quite lucky indeed.

Where's my money, honey?

Take your blood money and leave me.

It was at this point that I threw the dead lemur's body in Errow's face. He let off a high-pitched shriek and Colt and I ran like hell. I think it'll be a while before we're allowed back into the errantry office.

It looks like Errow wasn't lying to us. Rash really did become telepathic. My monster's a Scanner. This means only one thing: We must sharpen his mind into a precision laser. And to do that, we meditate.


Please don't hit it! I'm sure it's sorry.

I lifted Colt by her head, and threw her into Rash's eye. This was not my greatest moment, I'll admit, but something felt so right about doing it. Colt's not speaking to me now, though. Rash is totally fine. I think it lacks any sort of emotion, which means it doesn't hate or fear me. It also means it doesn't love me, either, but that's a good thing.

Anyway, there's a tournament coming up according to

Should I send Rash to one of them? And if so, which one?