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Part 19: Training in the Land of the Lost

Part 19

-blog title here- [May 24th, 1004|2:32 pm]

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We got another errantry coupon. Shall I add it to the pile?

No, I think we'll use it this time.

And by that, I mean you have one extra location.

I guess we'll use that.

Very good. I'll summon the dinosaurs.

The what?!

You'll find out in the reports. Now begone!

The first stage's concept is simple enough. Your monster has to swim through a pool of boiling water.

Normally, this is where most monsters would be cooked and fed to the homeless.

However, your monster managed to swim through it, as you can see.

The second trial involves facing off against a pterodactyl. Yes, we cloned and bred dinosaurs for the explicit purpose of training monsters. There is nothing strange in that. Moving on.

"Rash" managed to survive the first rock bombardment.

Even the second assault, despite being crushed flat.

The pterodactyl flew off to commit suicide for its disgraceful failure. Fortunately, we have plenty more where that came from. And no, you may not have one.

Stage the third is yet another straightforward one.

Step 1: Jump off the cliff.

Step 2: Survive.

You should be pleased to note that your monster passed step 2.

The final stage is a one-on-one battle.

Your monster versus our tyrannosaurus, Sprinkles.

After dodging Sprinkles, your monster made a most unflattering impression of her.

Then, it proceeded to... lick the top of her head.

We opted to end the battle there, as it looked as though Sprinkles swallowed something unpleasant.

It turned out, Sprinkles had swallowed a rogue monster, who jumped out of her throat and immediately launched an assault on "Rash".

Your monster was... somewhat less aggressive than its opponent.

I feel ill simply retelling the events of this battle. Let us end it here.

Your monster won. I'll not divulge the details, as my supply of absinthe has drawn thin, and I am not nearly sober enough to even begin thinking about those events.

Still a failure in my eyes. I should punch it some more, but- wait, why are you staring at me, Colt? It's not Rash's birthday again, is it?


Thank god.

It's just, I've been thinking about our house.

Get to the point before I toss you like a football.

I think we should hire someone to upgrade our house.

How much?


Is that a yes?

It's a- argh. I'll give you an answer in a second.

Guys, do I want to upgrade my house or not?