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Part 20: My Fortune For a Cottage

Part 20

Oh god my money why [Jun 5th, 1004|5:04 pm]

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It looks like the consensus was that I should spend all my money on the house.

Great! I'll call the carpenter.

Just do it now, before I cry.

Wow! That was fast! Great job, Binto!


I used to be rich... I used to be somebody. Now, all I have is run-down shanty and a filthy pre-teen whore for an assistant.

You also have your monster. Who needs to be trained.

Aw, crap. Wait, there's another star next to the running course. Let's check that out.

Ah, that single extra point was certainly worth all the effort.

Um, yes. Who are you?

Introductions are so pedestrian. Here, my card.

Dinosaurs roamed the earth, and did battle with pre-historic monsters. Great dragons and birds of fire flooded the skies. The dinosaurs were on the verge of being extinct, before two mighty events happened. First, the dinosaurs developed firearms, mounting machine guns onto the brachiosaurs. Second...

Oookaaay, so where do I come in? I didn't fill out a form on archeology by mistake, did I? You're not here to take me away?

No, no. That shrine I mentioned? The one with all the monster discs? I found its location. It's here, on this very continent!

In short: I need a monster and some expendable workers to aid me in exploring the land.

Oh really? Then please, explain.

He wants us to teach him how to raise a monster! It's great to know we're getting famous as monster trainers.

Can you make her not speak?

Believe me, I tried. Colt, the nice crazy man wants to take us on a trip and use Rash to beat up anything in his path.

Ohhhh, ok. Well then...

And I've got another big fat choice to make. Guys, what should I do?