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Part 40: Mountain Glue

Part 40

Mountains suck [Feb 5th, 1010|11:28 pm]

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The people once again collaborate against me. We'll go with you, Pimpy.

But I swear to all things holy, if we don't get anything valuable out of this trip, I will feed you to the yetis.


Where do you even get clothes like that?

I made it myself.

Out of what?

Construction paper.

Quiet! We have a new monster to hunt!

So is Solid. See him skinning rabbits alive over there?

Oh... oh my.

He can smell your fear.

I need to use the little boys room.

On that satisfying note, we began our trek through the mountains.

Wait! Go down that path to the left.

It's called a "tree".


Of course not; it's a tree.

Let's send Solid in to see!

But it's a tree. It's not like there's some labyrinth inside the trunk.

You have got to be kidding me.

He made a snowball! Isn't it great? Ok Solid, go back in for more!

WAIT! NO! God damn it.


They're good for you.

I hate you so much.

Hmm. I found something in my pocket. Let's take a look.

Congratulations, Rovest. You've discovered glue.

Like the kind we get in fun cans? Our monsters love those things.

Monsters, you say? Hmm... Monsters...


Yes! I bet if you glue those quack doll parts to a monster, you'll get something brand new! I've finally discovered a new species!

You know, I've discovered a new species, too.

Really?! Show me!

It's called a Snowbol. And he talks! What's that, Snowbol? You think we should tie up Rovest to a tree and leave him to the wolves?

I don't think I like your monster very much.

Shh! What was that, Snowbol? We can use Colt as bait? Why that's a splendid idea!

I think it's time to go back now.

Some acorns and a snowball do not equal success in my eyes.

But Rovest discovered that bottle of duck glue.


There's no need for jealousy, Loongear. I'm sure your snowball monster will be recognized as well.

I'm going to go have an aneurysm now. When I come back, I expect you both to be dead and my blog people to have given me good suggestions on what to do next.