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Part 42: Ducks.

Part 42

This is why democracy bites [May 16th, 1010|7:00 am]

[Current Mood| god put me on this earth to suffer]
[Current Music|the quacking, why won't it's stop?]

The votes were pretty close between Wesley Willis and that duck doll. To prevent rioting, I decided to use both at the same time. With that, we went to the shrine.

Why hello, Colt.

Hi m-

YOU! Can you give me the greatest monster known to mankind from a single CD?

Let's do this.

I trusted you guys. I believed that your choice would lead to something amazing. Something so powerful, it could only be...

A monkey.

All I could utter in response to this- this thing, was "NOOOOOOO!".

Colt doesn't think like normal people. I kicked that goldfaced gorilla towards the monster labs.

We will genetically fuse that monkey to a wooden duck doll. Even if the CD led to failure, this MUST be good. We had to go through so much effort to get the doll. It couldn't be anything but amazing.

There are no words.

It's... it's the size of my foot.

I was so dumbfounded, I couldn't even refute Colt's blatant lies.

You mean the glue?

What... What the fff...

UCK is wrong with you?! Wait. You didn't- did.

You sure do come up with some strange names.

You take that duck home. I'm going to have a drink.

I didn't know you drank.

I can't think of a better time to start.

One lite beer and a cab ride later, I returned to my ranch to see that it wasn't some bad dream. We really do have a tiny plastic duck flailing around. But maybe it's all a deception. Maybe that duck is actually an amazing fighter.

I hate life.

You guys made me make this thing, now you have to figure out what the hell I'm going to do with it.