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Part 19: Episode 19: Beat Rocks on Your Face

Oh boy Samanosuke! Are you ready to do decades of non-stop training?

Yes, I'm jumping for joy too. Let's pump your defense by dropping rocks on your face.

That is not how you let rocks hit your face! Somehow, I don't think you're really into this whole training thing.

Instead, we'll go to some nondescript ruins and kick treasure chests. This location on the game board is pretty handy to keep looping through. It's not as good as some later locations are, but you can rake in the stats like crazy with a little luck.

But for now, we have chests to kick.

Um. Ok. Let's... let's move on. I think my monster is strong enough to try that Icicle Festival the creepy lady creeped on about.

I have never seen anyone turn icicles into a deep metaphor for animal pit fighting. She's like the Maya Angelou of bloodsport.

So the gimmick for this tournament is I have to fight emo, light-named monsters with Joker sub-breed.

I bet this dragon's owner has a huge collection of wolf shirts.

My ghost knight cuts a swath through the ghost dragon and the rest of the ghost monsters to win the stupid ghost tournament. Now we can find out what stupid prize Sapphire mentioned was.

I assure you, I was grinding my legs together with excitement over the bloodshed. Mmmm...

That is not the appropriate response.

You work very well together, so I'd like to introduce you to a new stage.

A new stage?

Yes, It's called a "Battle Royal". Each battle royal is a free-for-all tournament where single breeds of monsters compete against each other. For example, if you entered a Suezo Cup battle royal, all of your opponents will most likely be Suezos.

You receive a special prize for victory in a Battle Royal.

Yes, the Slate Fragment is a fusion item. If you use it during fusion, the monster created will be able to break the 999 point stat cap. Well, to an extent. Each breed has its own unique slate fragment, which you win from that breed's battle royal.

Now that Cleo's gone all Metal Gear on me, I think now is a good time to take a step away from the constant training and punch out some bitches. I'll be grabbing slate fragments off-screen, and we'll show them off once we break S Rank. And that will most likely be coming soon, as we're about to send Samanosuke off to the A Rank tournament.