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Part 13: Training and more training

Let's send Dirty to Tonga for a month.

Dirt McGirt started our training regimen without us. He seemed quite eager to run in circles all night. I'm not one to complain, as the less time he looks at me like I'm prey, the better.

As well-behaved as your monster was during his training session, I have to mention again that he continues to watch me sleep every night. It's like something out of The Shining. Additionally, despite successfully passing every training course, he did not learn any new skills.

The Box?

The Box. He's grown too soft. People have been calling me gentle. This can not do.

Dirt McGirt is very disappointed.

Oh, you're disappointed?! Well then, let's see how you feel after four months of nothing but work.

Dirt McGirt's Power Level went up.

That's a good start, but we're going to have to work you to near-death before you're ready to fight in another C Rank tournament.


Hi, my name is Karn. I'm an explorer.


Um. Right. Anyway, I'm planning to explore the North Salem area to observe Titus Temple located there.


And to be frank, it's too dangerous to explore on my own. I need a monster or two for pack mule and bodyguard purposes. I was wondering if you would allow Dirt McGirt to accompany me.


The expedition is 4 weeks. Anything found is yours. How about it?

Wait, if I get to keep all the valuable artifacts, then what's in it for you?

I can only get an erection from-


So what's your answer?

It may be dangerous, but we may find some unusual items. Dirt's breed gets lost easily, too. Should we go?

Good question. Should we?