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Part 15: Meet Megatron

It looks like I'm going to have an angry mob on my hands if I don't use Persona 3, so we'll go with that. To the shrine!

Wow! Good luck raising this monster.

Yes I deceived you, and no I don't regret it. Here's what P3 really got me:

The CD gods gave me the Incan avatar of destruction. I will use him to crush all who stand in my way with his massive golden hands.

Holly, did you live next to a lot of power lines as a kid? Moving on, I needed to think of a name for my new monster. There's something about his helmet and general look that made me come up with only one possible name.

If he could transform into a handgun, my life would be complete. And I could shoot Holly. His stats are magnificent, although his speed could use work.

Well, Megatron. Welcome to your new home. We'll start you off with a very easy task for someone your size. Go carry some carts for a couple of hours.

You couldn't even carry a simple cart. I had a retarded dog who was able to do that much. Do you know where I sent him when he failed to do something I asked of him? I sent him to The Box.

Give him a break, he was just born 20 minutes ago!


Megatron was very disappointed.

So long as he's the only one who gets disappointed here, I don't care. Now go carry some more carts!

That's much better. Now you can sleep in your proper pen instead of The Box, and we'll all be happier. In fact, I'll let you go take a nap while I figure out what sort of training plan to use.

So my goon friends, just what should we do with Megatron?