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Monster Rancher

by Mr. Swoon

Part 17: Training blitz

Today, we are going to train the fuck out of Megatron. First, I want to get his speed into triple digits, so he's off to the woods for a week.

During his camping trip, he would punch trees to make their fruit fall down. I have no idea how that makes him faster, but it does.

Rested up? Good. Now let's see if you can actually manage to pull a cart this time.

Jesus fucking Christ. What do they put in there, depleted uranium? Now sit in the box and think about how much of a failure you have become in your short life.

Megatron is sorry.

Don't be sorry, be carrying carts more than 3 inches. Now step to it!

I AM the great motivator.



Were you shaken a lot when you were a baby?

We got another flyer from the training center.

Well, we can't boost anything useful there yet, but maybe he'll learn a new skill. Let's go.

NO! Don't even think about setting foot in here. I will NOT tend with that horrible dog of yours again.

Relax, we have a new monster now.

Oh really?

Yeah. Meet Megatron.

Oh God please don't eat me.

I don't think he eats people yet. Anyway, we want you to work on his intelligence.

Very well. We have wonderful facilities that expand the mind.

You mean something like a library?

Better! We send him swimming!

Holly, get me my gun.

You don't have a gun


In retrospect, sending a monster made out of solid stone to swim for a week might not have been such a wise idea. We'll have to add water wings next time.

With the added floatation devices, Megatron was able to swim to his heart's content. His IQ managed to jump to 199, and he even learned a new skill.

He learned how to punch by swimming. Monster breeding makes absolutely no sense. Oh well, back to work.


I'll get the box.

Megatron wrote an apology note.

Really? Let's see it.

Well, he kind of tore the paper into shreds while trying to write on it.

Fine, whatever. Back to work.

Took you long enough! Now let's see if you can do two in a row.

Finally! Progress!

There's a tournament this week, if you want to test Megatron's skills.

Hmmm... It certainly couldn't hurt. What do you guys think? Tournament or more training?