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Part 18: Fall D Cup

We will crush the Fall D Cup for Cybertron. Or something.

First on Megatron's path is a velociraptor. You will soon see how different Jurassic Park would have been if everyone in it were giants made out of stone.

If you can't beat Megatron's speed, you officially suck.

Megatron set out to prove that by making use of his new punching prowess. They had to pry the raptor's body off the colosseum walls. Walls. Plural.

Next up was that golem that gave Dirty so much trouble last time I was here.

He's a powerhouse, but Megatron can dance around that golem like a sucka chump.

But dance he did not. Instead, Megatron kicked the golem in the nards. Turns out he really did have them all along, much like the wolfman. If you get that reference, you need to get out more.

Midway through the fight, the two golems stopped attacking. They simply stood there. Some say they were merely lazy, while others claim they were in an intense ceribral battle, planning hundreds of moves ahead. Like chess, but with less fist fights.

The match ended quickly enough, and the judges were left with the task of counting the broken rock fragments. Once they uncovered the golem's shattered stone testicles, they had no choice but to award Megatron the win.

Last up was the ninja dinosaur Dirty had rivaled.

The dinosaur wasted time flipping around, trying to impress Megatron. He had none of it, though, and proceeded to punch ninja t-rex so hard that he exploded.

Still pumped from that victory, Megatron went on to beat up the WON! sign.

And thus victory was ours. We earned some more fame, a good chunk of money...

And this lovely CD fragment. Now, you might be wondering where Holly was during all this fighting and commotion. Well, I had a special project in mind for her...

Thanks, Sideshow Charlie. You rock.

But now she's back, and has much better assistant stats. You must make her make use of them by deciding what jobs she will give Megatron next.