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Part 22: Megatron learns a new dance

Fine, I guess I'll keep the bastard for a little while longer. But if he gets lost again, so help me god I will break him into little chunks of gravel myself.

Super! So what do you want to do with him now?

It's been a while since he was sent to the mines. That might be why he's suddenly acting so uppity. Start digging, Megatron.

Why is he doing that?

Because his skill level went down.

Will he stop?


Make him pull carts, or something. Just get him out of here. That dance... it's as unsettling as it is hypnotic.

Hello again!

Oh god it's you.

Terribly sorry about abandoning your monster in the frozen tundra like that. I promise it won't happen this time.

What do you mean "this time"?

I kind of need another monster escort for another expedition.

What makes you think we would possibly want to let you take our monster to be abandoned in the frozen wasteland again?!

Because this time we won't be in the snow! I'm headed to the lost temples of Reno. Will you and your monster come with me?

Let me ask my boss.

Reno? Why would there be hidden temples in Las Vegas' equivalent of Disney World?

I don't know how to answer that.

Nevermind. So, we have the opportunity to dig up lost treasures in a hidden jungle or something?

Right. I don't know if Megatron would get lost as easily as our last monster, but I just can't trust Karn. But it's your choice.

Our choice. And by that, I mean I will leave it up to people on the internet. Should Megatron go tomb raiding?