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by Mr. Swoon

Part 29: Exploring Titus again

I think they said yes!

Really? Huh. I guess we'll go then.

Let me recount it just to make sure...

No, no! That's not necessary! Let's go get packed now!

I can never take you seriously as long as you keep wearing those goofy outfits.

You mean you actually took me seriously to begin with?

Shush! Less talk more exploring. Let's go!

Hey Santa?


If my monster gets lost in here, I'm going to skin you and wear your face as a hat.

Aheh heh... That's a good one.

I'm wearing a suezo right now. I think you'd have just as much skin, so it wouldn't be too hard to change the design.

Err... Hey! Let's go that way now!

So we just have Megatron step on them. Problem solved.

Megatron's shrieking like a little girl. I think he's afraid of rats.

God, I wish I could snort up this snow right about now. Fine. We'll go around the frickin' rat.

Megatron, if you don't smash that rock I am going to feed you to the snow rats.

Hey look at that, we're actually making progress. And somehow reversing time.

What is that building over there?

What did they teach?

Something to do with monsters.

You don't know, do you?

All right, Megatron. We're sending you off to school. You'll be taking Looting 101, and I better not see an F on your report card.

That's great. A leaf. I've never seen one of those before. Good thing you recovered that from these ancient ruins, where literally anything laying around would be worth a fortune to museums.

I see another building over there!

Maybe they'll have some old weapons or something cool like that. Get searching, Megatron.

...There are no words for how angry I am right now. You'd better pray we don't run into any more snow rats, boy.

Can you read it?


Is there anything there?

A closet.


For a stone tablet.


That you can't read, yet insist that it tells a story about Titus' history.

Well then, let's go collect those. Maybe we can find somebody in town who actually knows how to read.

A chunk of rock. That's great. Who needed dozens of priceless tomes, anyway?

I see the temple over here.

Please, Megatron. Just this once, please, I beg of you, bring back something useful.

When we get home, I am going to hang myself.

Let's go home, Holly.

So after all that time spent exploring vast ancient ruins, we return with a handful of mint. I hope Santa dies in that snow drift we left him in.

Can we go back to training Megatron? He is in the most important st-

Finish that sentence and I will kill you with my bare hands.

I am just saying that we need to figure out what jobs to give him, is all.