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Part 54: Ep. 39: Picking On Someone More Metallic Than Us


: Last time on MySims Agents: If I had crazy good ears like DJ Candy's, I'd wear those big headphones all the time too--imagine if the gum-chewers' convention was in town!


When last we left our intrepid special agent, he was climbing up into the warehouse's walkway system in a mild snit. Sam makes his way through the balance beams to the roof door.

Sam pops out onto the fire escape and... Grit? Sam is on his way to find out just what Grit is doing up here when


: What are you doing here, Grit?

So Grit might be the one who's causing the weird vibrations, by... chewing on metal cables. Well, he is the grizzled badass of our lupine trio. Sam pulls out his notebook.

: Grit certainly is making a lot of noise. Maybe he just needs something to distract him from his metal chewy toy.

Wonder what he wants? Let's ask him!

: Hey boy! What'cha want?

: *bark bark!*

And on the way to the junkyard maybe we can collar Brandi. Since Esma's in the club, Brandi might be willing to speak frankly with us--

--or maybe she's not here either. Huh. Wonder where she went? Thoughtful now, Sam heads into the junkyard in search of Gabby. He finds Barney first. Well, heck, Barney might know.

: What are you up to, Barney?

Barney slumps and sighs.

: Not sure. Maybe I'll just head down to the boardwalk and watch the tide come in.

: Do you know what Grit likes to eat?

: Grit keeps gnawing on new appliances, including most of mine! My poor toaster oven! I won it in a contest, you know.

He did! In MySims Kingdom.

: Only new appliances?

: Yep. He likes fresh, shiny metal things to sharpen his teeth. Like appliances and robots.

... welp. Surely that won't come to anything. Sam takes his leave of Barney and catches up with Gabby.

: What's new, Gabby?

: Oh, you know. Tha usual. Jury rigging this, jerry-building that.

: Why is Grit up on the roof chewing metal cables?

and how did he get all the way up there goddamn I mean he had to go up a ladder and everything

Gabby sighs heavily.

: Oh shoot. Not again.

I think we know where all the shiny things are in the industrial district!

Sam runs back up to Dr. F's lab and catches Alexa. What, you thought we were going to ask Dr. F for help? We would all die in a nuclear-mayonnaise accident.

: I need a way to detect strange noises.

Please note that in the fifteen seconds that have elapsed since we distracted Alexa from her watchdog job, Dr. F has managed to set himself on fire.

Can't argue with that! Alexa hustles off to extinguish Dr. F and Sam makes a few quick notes.

: Alexa said that I need to place her strange-looking sensors near all the trash cans. Then we'll be able to locate the sounds.

Just in case it's not Grit that's making Candy's robot ears go haywire. Anyway, Dr. F is no longer on fire, so Sam feels free to consult him.

: Do you know where I can get something metallic for Grit?

: Uh... I don't think TOBOR would like that... but it's a good idea. I'll give it a shot.

Sure, it's not like the robot is capable of pulling all of Sam's limbs off or anything. Sam climbs up to the walkway where TOBOR is poking listlessly at a computer.

: Do you mind if I borrow one of your parts?

oh crap limb removal imminent

Oh, Sam. Oh, Sam, no.

Oh, yes. Out comes the Techno-Tool and...

We are the worst person.

: I've got a robot part that Grit should like chewing on. Hopefully this will get him to stop chewing on Club Candy's cables.

We might as well be polite about our transgressive act.

: Thanks for the parts!

: How dare you?!!

: I'm sorry! It's for an important case!

Sandwiches and stolen robot parts in hand, Sam hastily departs this vale of comma-shaped tears.


: Next time on MySims Agents: What went up must now go down... in Radioactive Sandwiches, Part Two!