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Myth II: Chimera

by Sevron

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Original Thread: Back in My Day, We Called it an Expansion Pack- Let's Play Myth 2: Chimera!



Welcome to Let's Play! for Myth 2: Chimera. This is the sequel to Myth 2: Soulblighter. I did an LP of that as well, which you can fine at either this link for as long as the thread is alive, or at the LP Archive. The first game, Myth: The Fallen Lords was done by Johnny Law at the LP Archive as well. It’s super awesome, and you should watch it.

The Pitch
Chimera is a bit of an odd duck- it was created by the folks at Badlands Games. Who was Badlands Games? Essentially, they were a group of fans of the Myth series, who used the tools shipped with Myth 2: Soulblighter to make another campaign. Bungie caught wind of the project, and gave it their official blessing and some support. It was initially released in 1999 as an internet download, clocking in at a MASSIVE 90 MB. It was also included in Myth: The Total Codex, a box set that included Myth 1, 2, and Chimera, as well as strategy guides for 1 and 2. It cemented Chimera as part of the official Myth cannon, which is quite a rare feet for a fan-made project.

These days, I suppose you’d call it DLC, but back when, it was an expansion pack. So nyah.

This is a more protagonist-driven story than in the Bungie Myth games. It follows a few heroes as they try to combat an evil they couldn’t quite leave behind. In a lot of ways, this is kind of the precursor to games like Starcraft and Warcraft 3, where hero units became increasingly more important and were woven into the story as the central characters. Except for the Journeyman hero, he still sucks.

This is a real-time tactical game, similar to a real-time strategy. The difference is, we won't be constructing buildings, managing resources, or building an army. Rather, we'll be issued a small number of men at the start of each mission, given a list of seemingly-impossible tasks, and be placed on the wrong side of a horde of the undead and worse. It ain't gonna be easy. Chimera prides itself on being harder than Soulblighter was, although I contend most of the increase in difficulty is "Nintendo hard", to the point of game-breaking in places.

Let’s Play!
I will update once a week, on Sundays, unless I announce otherwise in the thread. Future episodes will be uploaded to YouTube in advance, so that updates are live the minute they post, no worrying about garbled uploads. Please don’t talk about videos that don’t have a post in the thread, but if there are issues with them that I missed, please let me know. If you want a unit named after you, that will be doable, but keep in mind that I have videos queued up, so your name will drop in a few weeks later. If your unit is killed in glorious battle, you can get back on the end of the list by letting me know you want back in. There are only 8 campaign missions, so look sharp!

Also, keep your eye out for Vercingetorix42's Journal, those posts are hilarious and really help you get in the mind of a soldier in this army.

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