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Nancy Drew and the White Wolf of Icicle Creek

by Microwave

Part 11

Okay this place is like under the shack I found in the snow you guys seem confused you need to keep up with the storyline here

Apparently Nancy Drew had night vision goggles I didn't know about because everything is fucking green here

There's a locked door down here, and a bunch of pictures of animals

This is a pretty epic puzzle. I found this multipage notebook that explains it but basically I have to find four coins of those animals and put them in the slots (wow)

The first one, the moose, you get by clicking a moose head in the eye


This one is a little more complicated you have to match up the colors on this necklace with the colors of this switches on the doors in the hallway

This causes a painting of a raccoon to turn into a zombie

It also opens a compartment with the raccoon coin in it

Alright I forgot to take screenshots of this one so bear with me

You have to go back to the green place and tell the wolf to hold this rope

This opens the mouth of a boar head back at the lodge and you get the coin very sorry

Alright the last one, the wolf coin, is radioactive or something so I have to use this 'Geiger' counter I found to look for it

Alright got all the coins puzzle completedNOPE

The things are covering the slots to put the other coins in so can't do that

You have to tell the wolf to walk through this little mineshaft and flip levers to lift them up, but you see those red lines on this map

Those are locked doors, you have to open those

And you have to open them by playing this game. This game sucks cocks in hell. Every other minigame is insanely easy but this one is IMPOSSIBLE, plus you have to beat it four times. It's called 'Fox and Geese' and it sucks ass. The thing can somehow detect when you win I guess and when you win one of the animal's eyes light up.

This opens the doors to allow you to guide the wolf through the thing to pull the levers to open the things to put the coins inPHEW

The door opens