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Nelly Cootalot: the Fowl Fleet

by Xander77

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Original Thread: Birds HATE perishing - let's play Nelly Cootalot: the Fowl Fleet



The game

Nelly Cootalot: the Fowl Fleet is a pirate and waterfowl themed adventure game by Alasdair Beckett-King - a UK comedian, film-maker and (most importantly) the creator of the previous game in the series, Nelly Cootalot, a game which I fell in love with on sight and let's played (feel free to check it out, though the game will quickly recap the basic plot in the intro sequence) .

The original had "cute" "cozy" and "sensibly funny" as its bywords, and the sequel is basically the same, only with three-dimensional characters (graphics, not writing) full voice acting (including some medical professional?) and something like action-setpieces (by adventure game standards).

The LP

I'm hoping to update every few days, and finish in a few weeks. Since the game is rather good about explaining its logic, and commenting on events, I feel like I have nothing useful to contribute, so this LP will be commentary free..

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