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Part 4: Zone 1 - Post Office Part 1

Hi! Welcome back to Let's Play OFF! Last time we uh...

Music - Rainy Day (Outdoor Mix)

Let's go north, away from here.

: I have trouble imagining that it hasn't always been like this...

There's nothing else for us to see in Pentel, so let's head back down into the smoke mines.

The path to the right has been unlocked!

Music - Soft Breeze

The gaslamps aren't working in this tunnel, so we'll have to be careful in the dark!


A January. These things are creepy as hell, look at that god damn thing!! Don't worry though we completely murdered it.

I hate navigating this place in the dark. It's not very complex but it still annoys me, I keep getting interrupted by random battles and I lose track of where I am.

More healing items is always nice!

Oh, hey fat specters. I thought we took care of all of you back in the barns.

But we earned a new level for Alpha! No new Competence, however.

The first path north we find is a dead end, but there's treasure! Abaddon's meat fully restores the party's hp and cp outside of battle.

Okay let's try up here.

Ah fuck! That scared the hell out of me! It's just some more stupid Fat Specters. When we beat them, however:

The Batter is now level 4! We get a new attack, Run with Courage, which is our first special elemental attack. Run with Courage is a metal-based attack.

Heading south we come into a large room. What's that on the wall?

This is a running theme for switch puzzles in the game. Nearly all of the switches we'll be flipping will be to turn something OFF.

Back to the north, there's a path to the right I haven't taken yet.

Ah, thank god. This path was actually blocked off before, but flipping the switch off opened it up.

Oh? Who's that? And what the hell is wrong with his weird face?

: Pardon?

: What I'm saying is that the average player doesn't need all these complicated and tedious dialogues. There should be more action and fewer questions.

: Who are you?

: I'm Zacharie, the traditional items merchant that's necessary in every video game. I'll always find myself in places you're going to visit before you arrive. But enough blether. I'm not one of those protagonists you need to listen to for hours.

: So, lemme see the color of your credits.

Zac is indeed our traditional items merchant! He's also a pretty cool guy. We can finally pick up some gear for our little party.

You can see on the right that the Aura of Justice can be equipped by both the Batter and Alpha, and the small triangle beside each of them shows that it's an improvement for both characters. I buy two of these and equip them immediately.

I also buy a new tunic for the Batter.

And a new... skin? For Alpha? Okay.

Yeah let's go.

Music - Rainy Day (Indoor Mix)

: What... How... Where did you come from?

: From the smoke mines.

: But... How... What? But... but that's impossible ... Not a single lamp works there, you... you can't have...

: Faith guides my steps.

: F-... Faith?

: My mission is to purify the mines. But it seems that the phantoms here are particularly numerous.

: The... The spectres...

: Where am I?

: Uh... uh...

As usual with the description of the first elements, the black and white images are slow pans. Please click the above images to see how the distribution of plastic works.

: Yes. I'm purifying this zone.

: The... The spectres, I know where they come from... They all come from the postal service.

: The postal service?

: That's where we send out the packaged forms. The problem is that... uh... nobody can remember which floor it's found on.

Well, that shouldn't be a problem. We can just check the building floor by floor.

...Wait, this building is how fucking tall?? Oh my god. Well, okay, let's start with the ground floor then.

Music - Clockwork

Let's try asking the receptionists what is the haps.


Every Elsen in three of the offices here will give you a random number when you talk to them. The Elsens in the bottom left office, however:

Every one of them says the same two numbers. Let's write these down.

I drew a box around it cause it's so important.

Now, let's try putting these numbers into the elevator.

That sounds like "free stuff to steal office" to me.

Excellent. Let's pop open that other chest and get out of here.

Oh crap what?

Music - Pepar Steak

What were you assholes even doing inside of a chest??

These one-eyed ghosts are hard hitters. Their main attack is Swing, which they all do at the same time, averaging 50 damage per ghost. That's 150 hp all gone in like one second.

I guess it was worth it. :\

Let's try out the longer number the receptionists gave us.

We've found it! This update is running a bit long, though, so I'm going to call it here.

Next time we'll solve the mystery of the haunted post office! I hope you'll join me then.