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Original Thread: Purification in Progress - Let's Play OFF



Hi! Let's play OFF!

OFF is a French RPG made in RPG maker by a guy named Mortis Ghost and his small team known as Unproductive Funtime. While fairly bland mechanically, the world of OFF is full of bizarre characters, haunting music, and a strange lore that oozes a sense of wrongness. Originally released in 2003 in French only, in 2008 the Reconstructed Game Team translated it fully to English and patched out several bugs.

The game is available for free here (both translated and in the original French) if you'd like to play it yourself!
If you do not have adblock, watch out for the pop-ups on the hosting mirrors provided here.

I've been told that at least one person has contracted malware from bad pop-up ads on the mirrors provided through I haven't seen anything suspicious there myself, but if you're worried about it I've hosted the game on my personal webspace here.

An extended version of the soundtrack is also available for free right here if you'd like to have the cool tunes for yourself. (Hosted mirror for the soundtrack)

For discussion in this thread, please refrain from posting spoilers!! This includes fanart of content and characters we haven't seen yet!
I'm really excited to see reactions as people witness the weird shit for the first time! Please don't spoil it for people who haven't seen the game before.

Very special thanks to GranCheater for making all of the animated gifs in this LP for me. He is a beautiful animal.

So, are you ready?

Short Asides

Let's discuss how many eyes the Batter has

Oops I totally missed a secret room in the smoke mines

What happens when we go to the wrong floor in the post office?

Vilkacis shows us a secret floor in the post office I missed

Let's talk about the meanings of names

Let's revisit the combat tutorial

A quick video of combat with the first boss

We investigate a secret to the left of the park

I missed a few little secrets in the library

Let's discuss the 7 deadly sins

A discussion about tumblr led to... just don't click this one. Just forget it.

I missed some things in our second visit to the Endless Halls.

Let's talk about the meanings of names part 2

I did an art stream! Oh jesus christ no what is this shit!!

Here's a round up of the things that came from the art stream.

Bacter wrote up what's REALLY going on in this game.

My favorite double-French friend Ragny streamed the original French version with me! The videos are over here on his youtube account!



Alert! Fanart section contains spoilers!! MAN DOES IT EVER CONTAIN GIANT SPOILERS I'M NOT KIDDING

RottenK illustrates the best way to handle a boss in this game:

Yokaiy blew my mind with this incredible look at the Batter vs the sea dragons:

Yokaiy also shows us the best way to ruin a bathtub forever:

RottenK presents us with a quandary:

RottenK posted:

I'm almost ashamed of posting my scribbles now that we have some actually good goon-made fanart

What if our righteous protagonist chose some other sport to serve as his martial art?

RiggedDeathTrap created an abomination unto RPG Maker games:

Rigged Death Trap posted:

Rigged Death Trap posted:

I Would play Charles Barkley Gaiden: Shut up and Jam: Realms of Purification. The SpinOFF chapter of the Hoopz Barkley Saga

I found some unused concept art from that:

it's one Alpha HellBane and OmegaDwarf. Supposed to be supporting characters. Hmm.

Midnight Voyager made us a slightly less violent batter for Saints Row 3!

Midnight Voyager posted:

Does this count as fanart? Ehe.

(He's wearing the Judge on his back. Also, now that I look at it, not sure why it shows his hair as clipping through the hat... it didn't ingame.)

There we go.

Someone else made two later bosses, too! Buuut obviously can't show those.

Croccers made me laugh so hard I thought I was gonna pee:

Croccers posted:

If I had the in-game images I'd remake it

So what? Where's some spectres I can beat the shit out of?
I just love the Batter's attitude.

RottenK gives us this elegantly horrifying view of the monorail encounter:

Kaubocks always looks on the bright side of life:

Kaubocks posted:

I like to imagine an alternate reality where the Critic Burnt isn't miserable and instead just really excited.

Croccers makes a shitty thing I made like, SO much better:

Croccers posted:

We can go deeper

I should of put more sparkles on it.

Devious Vacuum is a shining star and we sisters for life:

Zeikier knows his way around a dramatic battle silhouette and he's not afraid to show it:

Part 2 of Zeikier's amazing boss battle set:

Part 3 of Zeikier's boss illustrations!:

RottenK made this... oh god no :

Cyphoderus explains a long-standing mystery:

Yokaiy thanks me for my LP efforts also now I'm crying aaaaaaa:

RottenK renders what we all were thinking, really:

RottenK thinks that Zacharie-chan is the real hero here :

Garbonix hopes that you've got :

Post Processing, much like the rest of the thread, is fascinated by the Valzong-burnt:

Soapydishwater drew this amazing burnt:

Khisareth fucking painted this with real paints that is amazing:

RoeCocoa is a wonderful amazing person who I love:

RoeCocoa posted:

"Inspiration" means "to breathe in," and "expiration" means "to breathe out." They both have the same root word as "spirit," which literally means "breath."

Wait a minute.

"Impure spirit" = "bad breath." Purifying the zones turns them white and nullifies the effects of sugar. I know what's going on here!

I absolutely adore the way 100Dachshunds shaded their picture of the kitty-cat brothers:

Zeikier is having absolutely no gross porn bullshit in this thread!!!!:

Tazzypillar has fallen in love with the Elsen in the worst way :

Tazzypillar also gave us another look at the Critic-burnt aaaaa no no no:

Kitten Head Ridge made us this incredibly stylish piece:

death .cab for qt has a Latin flair:

death .cab for qt posted:

Mientras tanto, en un universo alternativo. . .

death .cab for qt posted:

"what? oh don't you even fucki-"

"...really?? fine, who's ther-"

"azúcar who"

"¡NO SE OLVIDEO DE COMER SU AZÚCAR! ¡JAJAJa!"   I'm so sorry I'll stop making spanish versions of characters now

death .cab for qt posted:


Hahaha you gave him a sombrero! And maracas! That's so hilariously spanish!

Oh god Aeros made nightmare versions of the Dedan Squirrel and the Von Gacy:

100Dachshunds is absolutely ridiculous look at this!!!:

Aeros is a big jerk who wishes me pain:

Aeros Wilhelm posted:

Haha, everyone loves Hell-Dedan-Squirrel! and Von Gacy! Except Panzer. Panzer why do you hate Von Gacy? He just wants a hug!

Look, he's smiling, his eyes beaming with joy!

How can you say no to that face?

Midnight Voyager is the leader of the Dedan Squirrel fanclub:

The Protagonist condensed my absolutely stupid art stream into one seizure-inducing gif:

Khisareth knows that Zacharie just doesn't give a fuck:

death .cab for qt just can't quit!!:

death .cab for qt posted:

Hey Critic-Burnt, what do you think of my sleep deprivation-inspired pun drawing?


Tazzypillar made some tragic crossover fanart between Mother 3 and OFF and :

RottenK gives us a Batter's eye view and ugh ugh no no no:

Peddler of Smiles thinks the Batter is a little bored (also his interpretation of the Add-ons is super neat!!):

RottenK is an equal opportunity fan artist!:

RottenK gives an alternate ending for the game I would have much preferred:

I was going to write something about Yokaiy's amazing piece but I'm crying too hard:

Aeros thinks the Queen is beautiful:

RottenK knows who took the sugar :

FourOhFour has an uh... interesting take on Dedan's apparel:

Zeikier adds another piece to his incredible silhouette set:


Booky made an abstract piece (be careful contains ICE CRIME):

RottenK is the biggest meanie:

Shady Amish Terror jumps on the mean bandwagon:

Aaaand Kompy finishes us out with the horrifying Von Gacy fanart. WHY DON'T YOU GUYS JUST START A CLUB HUH??:

Tazzypillar drew a lovely piece with tasteful nudity, but it is still nudity so I will link it for ya'll prudes:

Khisareth did these lovely ink pieces:

Aeroson... :

Vilkacis made this awesome pixel art:

Kitten Head Ridge just wanted some cake!:

Zeikier's silhouette piece for the secret boss makes me real sad:

Yokaiy has literal insane chops with pixel art I can't even handle it:

STEAK FOR BREAKFAST beat all ya'll in the fanart category, you can go home~:

Aeroson made us some fancy-ass handmade gifs:

Bonus avatar size!:

Emoticon bonanza corner!!

Internet Kraken made :smith: more Elsen-like:

And then Rigged Death Trap did oh my god no:

Kitten Head Ridge takes it a step further:

Kitten Head Ridge posted:

No, they don't, but for the reason you have stated, I decided to take creative liberties. :cheeky:

Felt like creating this because I could (and not like it took much effort):

EDIT: And a version without the collar:

EDIT2: Oh, and this crap, too. I am sleep deprived.

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