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Part 38: Short Asides - The 7 deadly sins

RottenK posted:

I'm almost ashamed of posting my scribbles now that we have some actually good goon-made fanart

What if our righteous protagonist chose some other sport to serve as his martial art?

Rigged Death Trap posted:

I found some unused concept art from that:

it's one Alpha HellBane and OmegaDwarf. Supposed to be supporting characters. Hmm.

Holy fuck you nerds I love you. Adding to the OP~

Midnight Voyager posted:

Leaving this without comment:

Man, kingslayer Zacharie is actually intimidating as fuck.

Okay, so discussion time

I've got a topic I'd like to have as a running discussion for the rest of the LP, and I'd really like to hear what ya'll have to say on it!
Twice now I've posted these cards I've drawn:

There's a popular reading of OFF that seven of the characters represent the seven deadly sins. Which characters represent which sin is open to interpretation, and there are many ways that I think might be equally correct. This reading can include any characters, including both antagonists and protagonists. For the rest of the LP I'll be posting the cards of my personal interpretation of this theme, but there's really no right answer. We haven't seen all of the characters in the game yet, so your take on it may change as we meet more of them.

So it boils down to: which characters in this game represent each of the 7 deadly sins?

Also if it helps spur more discussion, I'll be posting the third card with Sunday's update.