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Part 31: Short Asides - Wrong Post Office Floor

Lilli posted:

Out of curiosity, what do the rest of the not important (probably repeating) floors have on them?

Like literally the instant I posted this update I realized I hadn't investigated that in this playthrough. None of my save games were back far enough to check it out so I just ran through the game again real quick to show you!

Let's just try floor 1990 at random.

It takes you to a completely random floor number. All of the floors are this same layout, an office with a bunch of wandering Elsen.

None of them have anything to say except numbers. None of the numbers have any meaning.

Any number that isn't the basement, reception area, roof, post office or lost property office will take you here. Who even builds a dumb building this tall anyway? A jerk, that's who.