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Part 16: Zone 3 - Endless Hall Part 1

Welcome back to OFF. We've exited the monorail station, I can't bear to stay there any longer.

Music - Endless Hallway (Maria ?)

Heading left we encounter a very long hallway with doors upon doors.

Most of them are locked.

Some of them are not.

We can't reach the paper on this desk, the chairs are blocking the way.

We can however push the desk to the side and through the wall.

Fortunately the room directly to the left is unlocked as well.

We don't know what this means yet, but if it's important enough the game actually says "THIS IS AN IMPORTANT CLUE", we probably should write it down.

Let's keep going down this hallway. None of the doors are opening, so we don't have a choice.

Is... is that an Elsen? Is he wearing a coat?

Oh no.

Music - Endless Hallway (Fight Mix)

These Elsen have already gone Burnt, but don't attack us unless they see us looking at them.

Don't look at me don't look at me don't look at me

This door opens into a brick wall, trapping me next to this monster. Trying to turn around, he catches sight of our eyes.

Photographic Blur is a fairly useful attack for Omega. It ignores the enemy's defense, so if we're fighting something armored like a tank he can just cut them right through.

Music - Endless Hallway

We can exit the hall to the right here.

This is the top room, it connects the left set of hallways to another set on the right. We haven't finished exploring the left set yet, so I'm going to head back where we came from.

This is not a great place to be standing. I hate these fucking things.

The exit just above us takes us back to the yellow save block where we started in this update.

Down here is the last row of doors on the left side.

Something about this feels like entering a secure bunker.

And it may well be exactly that, because here's where Zacharie is hiding away from the burnt.

: But this time it's not for free... I'm looking for a particular object, which should be around here somewhere.

: Bring me this intriguing item, and I will open the doors of conaissance.

An "intriguing item"? We'll keep an eye out. The only thing that was interesting so far was the slip of paper with the name clues.

A bit further down the hall to the left is the last door we can open here.

I'm not sure if this room is an oddity specific to this area or if it's something I've just missed elsewhere.

But there's an invisible chest in the center of the markings.

A Friday is another Special slot item, and it's listed as being "beneficial to competence". We equip this on Alpha because his Chain attacks are becoming disgusting.

Don't look don't look don't

We head through the first room again. Let's check out the hallways to the right.

Directly north, there's the path to the left that connects to the top room, and one door that opens.

Oh hey is that.. ??

It is! A weird sort of game controller is on the table. We can press the buttons using that floating arrow cursor to enter a code.

None of the buttons to the right are labeled, they're all just green, but that diagram we found earlier looks like the layout of these buttons.

Now the problem is, what is the code we enter?

My random button mashings clearly aren't it. (And no, the konami code does nothing, I tried.)

Maybe we'll find a clue further in the halls here.

Please don't see me please god

Oh fuck no

Music - Endless Hallway (Fight Mix)

What is fucking happening to these people? They're no longer just deformed, they're literally becoming monsters.

Let's try hitting him with our new attack.

Not bad, Omega.


Every other turn, the Pastel-burnt will summon this screaming face from its mouth. It only has one attack, Aspirating Suzerain, and it can poison us.

It dies in just one hit, but the body will keep summoning it back.

The Pastel's body has one special attack, Inhuman Decadence, which does very little damage, but can cause poison or fury.

The way you kill the Pastel is to focus on the face it summons. This is the forth one.

Once you've killed the little head four times, the body dies.

Music - Endless Hallway

This is an Add-on weapon, nothing special, just a bit of an attack boost.

Now that we've purified him, what was he guarding?

A music box? If we go to our inventory, we can use it. This is what you see and hear when you do.

Music - Race of a Thousand Ants

This is a very important item. It might be exactly what Zacharie was looking for.

Next time we'll go ask him. I hope you join me then.