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Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen

by Cats Meow

Part 10

MartianAgitator posted:

Lots of unit-management advice.

Thanks! I don't know if I agree with absolutely everything you said there, but I will definately consider implementing some of it into our strategy. For some reason I do tend to give my flyers to my liberating units, I guess so they can get to more inaccessable places faster. I am trying to create some more straight-out KILL units this time around, though.

Anyway... update time!

Scene 6: Glass Pumpkin

Most of the enemy units will try to go straight in the direction of the Rebel base. If the NW town (red) and the temple next door have been liberated, some of the enemies will do one of two things: Go straight NNE to recapture it, or try to sneak through the west mountains to get to it. I don't know why I drew circles instead of arrows in the direction of their flight path; I blame sleep deprivation. I don't remember exactly which unit did what here, except that Lemon took her sweet time getting to her position in the west river, and Rivera and Lans toyed with the enemy at one point. So I just marked in black some spots to illustrate the blockade, which is really effective in keeping the SW corner of the map. Gradually I closed in, liberated the town next to the base (red), and did a little more ping-pong action just outside the base to finish them off.

This area is governed by the beautiful, intelligent, and charming Deneb. A researcher of magic, she has naught but good intentions. So why would she join the evil Empire?

Very good, you managed to repeat my question. Maybe soon you'll learn how to mimic ordering a pizza next? We can only hope.

She was bribed! Those no good dirty bastards! Then again, if she doesn't have the willpower to refuse…

This person is obviously crazy. Pumpkins for heads? That's silly!

Werewolves, Imps, and Pumpkins? A bit early for Halloween, isn't it boys?

Rivera and Lans (seen on the upper left) play ping pong with several enemy troops.

I like how the ghosts have this huge grin on their face with their arms crossed, like they're tough shit and they know it. Unfortunately, these Ninja know enough to direct their attacks toward Needham, and he gets roasted.

Here we see most of the units fighting off the enemy, while Laharl hunts for treasure and Mort covers home. But who's that over there? Why, it's Lemon, and her two Octopi struggling to tentacle their way over the mountains.

Our first Dragon! We got one other Dragon too, but I've already forgotten who recruited it for us.

'Rend and Tear' tore through this unit in one round.

Lemon's Water Polo Team finally gets some action where they're good at it. There were about 4 enemy units left by the time they got to their position.

One of the skeletons defeats the last ninja. Those Valk/Ninja units were a bit of a pain in the ass.

Finally, we meet Deneb!

She proceeds to make moves on our Great Hero, Laharl.

What a shame.

The Pumpkins' attack cuts the target's HP in half! Yeouch!

Deneb wasn't too hard to defeat, being a Witch in the front row.


PS, Geist and Warren are starting to get much lower on the Ali scale than we want them to be, so I think I'll hold back on using them for the next few stages. However, LANS' ALI HAS FINALLY GONE DOWN! That's right folks, it went DOWN a whole point! Everyone celebrate Lans' decline to 81 Ali!