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Part 9

murklins posted:

This is a problem?

Well, sort of. For 'good' characters to stay good, and to keep reputation up, they need to be at a lower level than the guys they're fighting. It's important for Clerics, Valks, Knights, and Samurai to keep high Ali so they can be promoted to their upgraded classes.

octobernight posted:

Maybe instead of reposting all the stats and units (which is quite timeconsuming), you could post a savestate or a save? Also, I saw your comment during chaos night you ass. It's not my fault I want an evil Lans. I still love this thread, though.

I wonder what it would take for Lans Ali to drop? Maybe if you put him in a group of Octopuses and have the unit tentacle rape other units, that might help.

I was just frustrated, was all. During one of the failed runs of Pogrom Forest Lans had 88 Ali, and I basically thought "Why octobernight? WHY DO YOU TAUNT ME SO?" It's cool though, I'll keep working on trying to make him evil. If it doesn't work, I guess he'll just have to be a Paladin or Samurai Master, so nyah.

I don't mind posting stats, it doesn't take long at all. I suppose I could post screens showing their stats if it's preferred, but that's really more time consuming than just looking and typing. If you're talking about the Army Lists, then that's really not a problem either; I've got a txt file that I just cut and paste to reflect updates. Once all the class promotions are done and units stabilized, the only changes I'll need to make are Exp level changes. And it makes more sense this way, since I can note who's been claimed and who hasn't, for anyone coming into the thread late or waiting for characters that show up later.

I finally beat that motherfucking stage though. Lans ended up with only 82 Ali this time, and his pal Antonio was able to get low enough Ali to be a Ninja! Straw is very well on his way. Hector the Wizard has 60 Ali somehow.

Since I hate this stage so damn much, and there was really nothing to do there but kill shit and beat the level, this update is short.

Scene 5: (insert title I've forgotten here)

The story of this stage is pretty much there was a massacre in the forest when the Empire was formed, and now Kapella is raising the dead.

Oh how scary!

Laharl and Lemon's unit go liberate towns and temples while Ayla's group holds the base. Lans', Warren's, Sara's, and Mort's group take the bulk of the battles, while Needham's, Gilbert's, and Hector's units play backup. (Hector has his own unit? Since when? Since I got a couple more werewolves and did some unannounced shuffling, that's when. Deal with it, I'll post the new Army List soon.)

*ALL NEW EDIT* I probably hate this stage so much because I can't come up with a decent way to go about it. I ended up doing something kind of like this.

Position 1: Set up a blockade from the temple (yellow), through the mountains, and to the tip of the south road. Wait until everyone has gotten into their positions, then move in.

Position 2: Hector, Needham, and Gilbert hold their positions (black). Sara takes the town NE from the enemy base, Lans and Warren take up positions on each fork of the road near the bridge. Mort (orange) is marked on that tiny little peninsula, but I think he may have actually been on the other side of the river, between the two trees.

The circled area is the key focus during Positions 1 and 2. Enemy units like to climb over the mountain range and fly straight to the Rebel base, as well as take the road and try to capture the temple (yellow). Also, if you have any of the towns east of the middle mountain range liberated, the enemy will try to take the south road to take them.

Position 3: Surround the castle to eliminate the last enemy units. Lans (gray) and Warren (White) set themselves up so the enemy units can bounce between the two. I think Mort helped in there too.

I didn't bother with the two western-most towns until after all the enemies were defeated. I probably could've made things easier for myself by leaving the southern towns alone too, but I don't know how much income I could've gotten that way. Lemon held the town seen in the top-middle of the map; probably could've waited to liberate that until later too, although she didn't have any problems defending it.

Ayla's unit befriends a Skeleton. I believe 1 other Skelly and 1 Ghost joined the Rebellion as well.

Kapella isn't even very interesting with his cliched lines.

Victor hates this stage just as much as I do. He used a Fool card to get rid of Kapella's Imps to make the fight go faster.