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Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen

by Cats Meow

Part 15

WARNING: Way too many fucking screenshots ahead.

Who needs Lyon when I can recruit Dragons of my own?

Why yes I have. He's standing not too far away from here, actually.

What a sad story. And a blood-boiling one, too! Justice must be had!

There really wasn't too much to the "swarm" of enemies after busting in the gate. They died pretty quickly, and Gilbert's Ali got higher, along with Lans'.

The following is a really long conversation. I think it speaks for itself.

Of course, Ashe and his Knights and Golem are totally useless against Debonair's high defense. Other troops are sent in to finish the job.

I didn't think this really needed a vote.

After a few fights between the boss and other units, Lans' death squad takes Debonair out.

And then he rides off into the wind...

Upon returning, we are met with an offer we can't refuse... or can we?

The man will buy it for 100, 1000, or 5000 Goth, or we can simply refuse to sell it at all.

We also meet another lady, although this one isn't as hot as some of the others we've met.

Hm. So uh, guys? What were we planning to do anyway?

Oh yeah, and we can opt to hire Lyon at a reduced price too. If we want.

Aaaaaand that's it for tonight. Come mid-afternoon tomorrow, we sail off to the Isle of Avalon! ...That is, after some more unit adjustment.